Today, we’re all adapting to a new normal. To get a pulse on the current state of salons, stylists, and clients we surveyed thousands of pros and clients in different cities across the StyleSeat community to see how they’re preparing to reopen and stay safe in this new season of beauty. Whether you’re ready to reopen your business or still waiting for the right time, explore how both stylists and clients are protecting their health after heading back to the salon. 

Cleaning Between Clients

Cleanliness is everything at the moment. In between clients, stylists are washing their hands and disinfecting stations, tools, mirrors, and salon chairs. While some stylists are changing personal protective equipment in between appointments.

Personal Protective Equipment

To protect themselves and their clients, stylists are using personal protective equipment for added safety including masks, face shields (if available), gloves, and smocks. Clients are also encouraged to wear masks while some salons are providing clean capes to each client. For specific guidance on the required personal protective gear in your state, check with your local Board of Cosmetology.

Salon Social Distancing

To ensure a healthy distance between fellow clients and stylists, many professionals are implementing six feet of safety between salon chairs. While many professionals are limiting the number of people in their salon at any given time in an effort to safely space out clients. For many salons, this means eliminating reception and having clients wait outside before their appointment.

Contact-Less Checkouts

Creating a contact-free checkout is an easy way for stylists to reduce face-time with clients. With touchless payments, clients can pay online for a safe, fast, and seamless checkout. Plus, with online payments, stylists can avoid the exchange of cash, credit cards, or checks altogether.

Instead of upselling products with a display table, stylists are opting to sell products online. By listing products online, stylists can continue to provide clients with the products they love without leaving bottles out in the open. Instead, stylists can add products to their service menu and ship them directly to clients or safely store them in the back of the salon.

Waitlist Over Walk-Ins

With increased social distancing and a surge in rebookings, salons and barbershops will likely have limited capacity after reopening — meaning walk-ins are now a thing of the past. Stylists are moving away from taking appointments on the spot and opting for an online waitlist instead.

Stay Positive & Stay Informed

As we adjust to this new normal, it’s important to keep in mind that the specific safety and cleaning measures required to reopen and maintain salons will vary by state. Always check with your local Board of Cosmetology to ensure you’re up to date on all safety requirements, equipment, and processes to create the safest environment for you and your clients.

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