Now more than ever, stylists are embracing the benefits of online payments. Striking the balance between personal and transactional during checkout can be a hard moment to navigate. Luckily, StyleSeat payments offer a seamless experience for both pros and clients. Explore 8 reasons to adopt StyleSeat payments today.

1. Contactless Payments

StyleSeat payments provide a quick, safe, and easy way to check out clients. With online payments, you can charge clients without the exchange of credit cards, cash, or checks. Clients can pay directly from their phones for a safe and seamless checkout experience. After you charge a client, they’ll receive a text with their service total and a link to add a tip.  

2. Smart Pricing

Smart Pricing helps you get paid what your time is really worth. Our data science team analyzes your business, identifies your most popular time slots, and strategically raises your prices to match your true value. Smart Pricing prices your time slots automatically so you can earn more without lifting a finger. 

3. Get Paid in Advance

With StyleSeat payments, clients can purchase digital gift cards. Through gift cards, clients can choose to pay in advance, or you can request an upfront deposit that clients can pay directly from their phone — allowing you to get paid now for future services. Plus, clients can always prepay upcoming appointments.

4. Meet New Clients

Get exposure to millions of clients who already use StyleSeat payments. With New Client Delivery, we match you with high-paying regulars for lasting relationships. We make it easier for reliable, high-paying customers to discover and book professionals for long-lasting, beauty-bonded relationships. 

5. Get Paid for No-Shows

Easily enforce your cancellation policy with no-show protection. With StyleSeat payments, you can charge clients who back out last-minute or simply don’t show up. Plus, online billing is more secure than swiping a credit card — guaranteeing your payment.

6. Earn More Tips

Clients tip an average 40% more when they pay through StyleSeat. Allowing appointments to charge automatically behind-the-scenes means you can focus on building relationships and providing a great experience rather than talking about money. Clients don’t even need to pull out their wallets.

7. Instantly Deposit to Your Bank

With StyleSeat payments, you can deposit your earnings to your bank immediately after charging your client. Instantly deposit your StyleSeat balance to your account with a low 2.75% processing fee. Plus, StyleSeat doesn’t increase the transaction fee when you manually enter the client’s card during checkout. For more information on StyleSeat’s payment fees explore our guide, Understanding Payment Fees.

8. Stay Organized

Analyze your business growth with your revenue dashboard. Charging through StyleSeat helps you keep all of your transaction records neatly in one place. With revenue reports, you can view your past earnings by day, week, month, and year to see how your business is performing over time. Compare your total revenue, tips, fees, and historical data for complete insight into your revenue patterns.

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