Never miss out on a client booking again — now clients can add themselves to your waitlist on StyleSeat. Whether you’re reopening your salon or limiting your hours, clients can join your waitlist for up-to-the-minute notifications on your availability.

Why It Helps

With social distancing orders in place, many clients are wondering when and how they can book future appointments. While some clients book in advance, many drop off and fail to follow up. An appointment waitlist keeps your existing clients up to speed on new openings and allows new clients to keep tabs on future availability. Plus, it ensures all of your clients who are ready to book get notified as soon as you’re open for business.

How It Works

When a client visits your StyleSeat profile they’ll see a Notify Me! banner at the top of your Service Menu. Both new and long-time clients can opt-in to receive text notifications when your availability opens up.

StyleSeat Waitlist Screenshot
Text notification

We know that your services will be in high demand once shelter-in-place is lifted (if not now). In addition to joining your waitlist, clients can sign up to be notified of any last-minute cancellations — helping you fill last-minute drop outs and no-shows.

No Availability
Notify Me Waitlist

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