Now you can get paid what your time is worth, automatically. With Smart Pricing, our data science analyzes your schedule to identify your most popular booking times and strategically raises your prices to match their true value. Smart Pricing helps you maximize profit without sacrificing bookings.

Adjusting your prices allows clients who need your prime time booking to easily reserve a spot, while clients who are more flexible can book your regular times at your standard price. Best of all, it all happens automatically so you can make more money (while making clients happier) without lifting a finger.

Smart Pricing Helps You Earn More, Automatically

Smart Pricing continually evaluates your schedule, prices, and appointments. When your premium time slot changes, Smart Pricing automatically increases your service prices to earn you the most revenue. Raising your prices is a catalyst for growing your business. Smart Pricing handles this automatically so you can focus your energy where it matters — on your clients.

How Does Smart Pricing Work?

Smart Pricing identifies your most popular time slots and raises your prices by a small percentage to match their true value. When your clients book online, they’ll see a slight price increase on your most popular time slots. Your client will confirm the price at booking and enter their card information to reserve the appointment. You’ll receive a notification of your new booking and a breakdown of your extra earnings in the appointment details.

For all Smart Pricing appointments, the payment will be processed through StyleSeat. We’ll charge the card on file automatically after the appointment ends. An automatic 20% tip will be included, or your client can add a custom tip from the text message we send them after the appointment. If there is a problem with the card on file, the appointment will appear red on your calendar. 

Why Clients Love Smart Pricing

Clients value having the ability to reserve the time they want for a higher price. With auto-checkout, the entire payment process is simple and seamless. Plus, clients tip up to 40% more when they pay through StyleSeat.  

Here’s what StyleSeat Clients have to say about Smart Pricing

“When I see the Smart Pricing diamond on my pros calendar it makes me want to book it faster! I want to get the appointment before someone else! I can get it done first and feel confident and get it out of the way.”

“I don’t mind paying more to secure an appointment for the time I want. The checkout process with Smart Pricing is simple and clear. I like the hands-off experience. I don’t have to take out my card and swipe it. Already know what to expect with the price.”

“The price increase is always reasonable. My pro is busy and I value their time.”

“I like checking out with my card on file with Smart Pricing. I don’t have to worry about forgetting to pay and everything is instant and easy!”

 “I never have cash and I love that I can pay online! Checkout is easy and simple”

 Why Pros Love Smart Pricing

Increasing your prices is a pivotal step towards expanding your business. With Smart Pricing, this process is seamlessly managed, allowing you to direct your focus where it counts the most – on serving your clients effectively.

See what our StyleSeat Pros have to say:

 “I’m super excited about the Smart Pricing Feature!”Esthetician, Meridian, ID

“I didn’t realize I could make more. Thank you for inspiring me and instilling the confidence that I can go bigger.”Braider, Miramar, FL

“I appreciate StyleSeat wanting to help me earn more money.”Stylist, Alpharetta, GA

“I definitely want to make more money and be paid for the time/quality of my services”Cosmetologist, Bala Cynwyd, PA

How Much Does Smart Pricing Cost For Me?

Whether on the Premium or Basic plan, your service cost increases by 20% during Smart Pricing time slots. If you are on the Premium plan, you pay 5.5% of the service cost (up to $16.50.) If you are on the Basic plan, you pay 5.25% of the service cost (up to $50). The max amount may vary depending on the number of additional services included in the appointment.

Keeping a small percentage of the price increase allows us to deliver a smooth experience while helping you increase revenue without lifting a finger. It will also help us continue to make improvements while powering new and exciting features that give clients a better experience and help you grow your business.

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