As the first wave of states begin to lift stay-at-home orders, some salons have been given the green light to go back to work. But when it comes to reopening salon doors, safety regulations and personal protection equipment will be enforced statewide. The specific procedures (such as servicing one client at a time) and equipment (like masks and gloves) required to open will vary from state to state.

As more regions open their salons and studios, we are going to see major changes to the intimate beauty experience as we know it. As we navigate this new season of business, here are some resources to help you plan ahead for what’s likely to happen in your metro.

Maryland Opens Barber Shops and Salons to Essential Employees Only

  • In Maryland, stylists can now service essential employees.
  • Each client must provide proof of their employment status.
  • Both clients and salon staff must wear masks.
  • Stylists are required to disinfect all surfaces after each client.
  • Professionals can only take customers by appointment (aka no walk-ins).

Get a full breakdown of Maryland’s salon requirements here.

Georgia Reopens Barbershops and Salons

  • Georgia salons and studios are free to open their doors, but stylists are required to wear a face mask and disposable gloves during each service — and change between clients.
  • Workstations (chair, tray, mirror, tools) need to be wiped down in between each client.
  • All products must have lids and be closed between use.

Browse all of Georgia’s salon and studio guidelines here.

Alaska Opens Hair and Nail Salons

  • Clients must wait in their cars or away from the salon until notified by stylists to enter.
  • Any services requiring the removal of the mask are a no go. Meaning, pros should avoid services like lip waxing or facials for the time being.
  • Apprentices can resume their apprenticeship at their studio but are required to wear all safety equipment and keep at least 6 feet away from stylists and clients at all times.

View all of Alaska’s safety guidelines and regulations here.

States to Follow

Louisiana is expected to follow suit May 16th, Rode Island May 8th, and West Virginia in the coming week as long as positive test rates stay below 3% for 3 consecutive days. As states begin to loosen their shelter-in-place orders, these guidelines will likely be reviewed and adjusted as we adapt to our new normal. Whether you’re in one of these transitioning states or not, the choice to reopen your salon during this time is always up to you.

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