Promoting and selling products is a great way to supplement income — especially when client bookings are down. Plus, more often than not, salons are the only way clients can get the products they know and love. When your clients can’t make it to the salon, how can you keep this source of revenue and get them the products they trust? Now you can list products on StyleSeat.

How to Add Products to Your StyleSeat Profile

From the Edit Profile view, click Add Products.

Add Product View

Enter the product name, a description, and include an optional link.

Add a Product

If you list a URL, clients can link directly to your online salon store or affiliate site. If you don’t list a URL, clients will see a pre-filled modal to message you directly to request the product. You’ll get a notification and an email every time you receive a product message request.

Once you’ve added your products, you can use our email template to let your clients know you’re now offering the salon-grade products they love.

Let Us Know How it Goes

As this is the first version of our product sales feature, we welcome your feedback. Let us know your thoughts on how we can improve our latest features.

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