As more states look to reopen salons, stylists are prepping for a whole new normal. When it comes to reopening, balancing new safety tips and procedures will require a shift in salon culture — including checkout. Learn how to provide a safe and seamless contact-free checkout all while maintaining the personal experience your clients know and love.

Take Payments Online

Once you have clients back through your doors, your space will be limited — literally. New social distancing procedures will require most salons to operate at half capacity or space clients throughout the salon. Creating a quick checkout experience will help you maximize your time and your appointments. Moving to online payments will allow you to provide a safer, faster, and seamless checkout for both you and your clients. Plus, with online payments, you can avoid the exchange of cash, credit cards, or checks altogether.

Use the Right Tools

Moving to online payments requires the right set of tools. With StyleSeat payments, you can charge clients at the touch of a button and instantly deposit your earnings straight to your bank.

When clients book an appointment with you, they’ll enter a credit card to hold their spot. You can choose to require an upfront deposit or let StyleSeat charge them automatically after the appointment. You can always edit and confirm the payment details with your client even though the payment is touchless. Plus, with StyleSeat payments, clients can purchase gift cards and prepay their appointment for an even faster checkout.

Sell Products Online

While you may be accustomed to selling products to clients on the spot, now you can direct clients to buy your beauty recommendations directly from StyleSeat. With product sales, you can list your favorite products and potions on your service menu for a contact-free transaction. Plus, your client can browse and shop all of your recommendations during their appointment.

After your client buys a product online, you can package their purchase in a clean carry-out bag and bring it to them directly. Or, link your product sales to an affiliate site that will ship product to their doorstep.

Whether you’ve already reopened your salon doors or are still waiting for the right time, preparing your business for a contact-free checkout will help you take one thing off your list — so you can focus on what matters.

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