Create a safe experience in your salon by reducing unnecessary contact between you and your clients. Explore six ways to minimize contact without sacrificing your client experience below.

Use a Waitlist

After weeks of shutdowns, clients are eager to get back to the salon. With an increase in demand, it’s important to make your clients feel heard even if they can’t get in with you right away. To dissuade walk-ins and drop-bys, use a waitlist to organize your appointment surge.

Book Online

Skip the front desk all together with online booking. Instead of rebooking your clients after their appointment, encourage your clientele to make their reservations online. The experience is faster, safer, and easier for both you and your clients.

Eliminate the Waiting Room

Instead of a common waiting space, encourage your clients to wait for their appointment outside or in their cars. When their chair is ready, you can shoot them a text or message them through StyleSeat. Eliminating a waiting room prevents clients from sharing a small space, plus you won’t have to waste time cleaning this high-touch area. For an even better client experience, you can set up a refreshment cart outside your salon with hand sanitizer, sealed drinks, and a welcome sign.

Take Consultations Online

Instead of taking client consultations in person, take advantage of virtual services. Move your consultations to Skype, FaceTime, Zoom, or even phone calls so you can personally answer all of your client’s questions in advance without adding time in the chair.  

Virtual consultations are a great way to connect with new clients and build trust before an appointment. Plus, by offering consultations online, you can free up time in the salon for higher-value services that make a bigger impact on your bottom line. 

Touchless Payments

Creating a contact-free checkout is an easy way to maximize your time and reduce face-time with clients. With touchless payments, clients can pay directly from their phones for a fast and seamless checkout experience. Plus, you can avoid the exchange of cash, credit cards, and checks altogether creating a safer checkout for both you and your clients.

Sell Products Online

While you may be accustomed to selling products to clients on the spot, now you can direct clients to buy your beauty recommendations online. With product sales, you can list your favorite products on your StyleSeat service menu for a contact-free transaction.

To create the safest space for you and your clients, explore five changes to make to your salon and learn how top stylists are staying safe while seeing clients.

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