If you are looking for something that will drastically improve your business, online booking is the answer. Allowing your clients to self-book saves you time, and your clients will be encouraged to book more often with this added convenience and flexibility. We’ve broken down exactly how online booking will impact your salon, spa, or barbershop:

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Clients can book outside of your business hours.

  • Our studies show, most clients prefer to book appointments after 5pm.
  • Clients can book with you 24/7. That means you can now capture all those appointments you were missing when no one was available to answer the phone.
  • Stop playing phone tag and get your clients to commit to an appointment in one simple step. They pick a time and a date and they enter their information. Done. If a client has to leave you a phone message in order to book an appointment, there is no guarantee they will still need your services by the time you call them back.

You save time and money.

  • Booking appointments manually is time consuming. If you book 25 appointments a day, and spend five minutes of your time scheduling each appointment, that adds up to 10 hours a week! Use those 10 saved hours by filling them with appointments or focusing on business improvements.
  • Reduce the back and forth conversations with your clients. They can easily see what time slots you have open and pick a date and time that works for them.
  • Reduce errors. You are human (a busy human), and sometimes wrong contact information or the wrong appointment date is written down. Let your clients enter their own details and choose an appointment that is guaranteed to be available.

Millennials love online services.

  • Statistically, they hate talking on the phone. The modern consumer shops, books flights, and even gets doctor consultations online. They expect to be able to book a haircut online too.
  • The rapid growth of technology can be intimidating, but the truth is, online booking software, like StyleSeat, is here to make your life much easier. Show your clients you are serious about your business and about creating great customer experiences too.

You can always follow up with a phone call.

  • Here’s the best part — you don’t have to give up phone time with customers if you don’t want to. Once they book an appointment with you online, you can give them a follow up call whenever it is convenient for you.

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