When I owned my salon in New York City I had a few golden rules for all of my employees:

  1. Get to work at least 30 minutes early.

In this time I want you to look at your schedule and do three things:

  • Do you have a challenging client today? Game plan how you will interact with them and get yourself excited to see them.
  • Where in your schedule can you upgrade? Are there any clients coming in that you can do something new with? Add an additional service? Sell them specific products? Have these ideas ready to go.
  • Find time for you. Make sure you have time in your day for a quick lunch, time to drink some water and stretch at least two times.

PRO TIP: If you have a long commute time you can brainstorm ideas during your drive.

  1. From the moment you enter the salon, smile big, take a deep breath, and exhale whatever negative energy you might be carrying around with you.

There is nothing worse than when someone, client or colleague, walks through the door with a negative vibe. You can choose to let stuff pull you down or you can let it go. Every day might not be perfect, but if you set a goal each day to have a great day, I guarantee you will have more of them.

  1. Set a goal to have an awesome day, your intention is everything!

Set this goal before you get to work. Do this while having your morning coffee, during yoga class, going for a walk/run, dropping your kids off ….whatever works for you!

Remember, happiness is infectious. Spread the love!

Want to learn some better ways to take care of yourself in the salon? Check back on the blog next week for an awesome article about stretching to feel physically better during your workday.


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