I was once like you, I dreamt of becoming an educator, of traveling the world and teaching others what I know. Now, I work with companies like ghd North America, and L’Oreal — but this didn’t happen overnight.

It took research, networking, building my resume, and a little extra hustle. I’m going to break down for you, step by step, how I accomplished my goal of becoming an educator in the beauty industry and how you can do it too.


There are many areas of education to choose from. When I decided to become an educator I asked myself, “What am I really good at? What do I have to offer to other stylists?” I chose to focus on styling because of my background as an editorial stylist. But, I also love mentoring and helping young artists develop their skills, so I’ve adding this to part of my business. Now it’s your time to decide.

Here are a few examples of areas you can focus on:

  • Platform Work
  • In-salon Education
  • Curriculum Development
  • Artist Mentoring/Development
  • Academy Based Courses
  • Traveling Education Teams
  • YouTube Videos
  • Online Education


Next you will want to make a list of your favorite haircare brands and education teams. Historically, education teams were primarily created by and to support major manufacturers but now there are many independent hair teams.

These teams are different as many of them focus solely on education and do not promote a particular manufacturer. With the support of social media many independent hair teams have seen a great amount of success.

After you compile your goals and who you would like to work with, it’s research time!!

Spend some time networking online and finding out who you can connect with. Do you have any Facebook friends that work for one of these brands? Once you know who to reach out to, or have an idea, it’s time to think about your resume.

Ok future educator!! Get working, you have much to do until next week when we post tips on writing a resume for education.

If you are already an educator we would love to hear from you. Please write social@styleseat.com and share your journey with us!


Pepper Pastor | Celebrity Stylist

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