If you want loyal clients, create an unforgettable client experience. Done. It’s not an opinion, it’s a fact. If your services are average, your clients will shop around. This is not brain surgery. Ask yourself, if you had mediocre service, would you be loyal?

Here’s the sad truth: some services are a commodity for clients – they will book whatever appointment time is most convenient for them.

Exceed your clients’ expectations.

What do clients expect these days and how can you rise above your competition?


Clients expect to be listened to, respected and treated like individuals.

  • Make sure you spend time talking with each new client. Ask questions, listen to their needs, their expectations, their concerns and empathize. When clients feel understood, they will trust you.
  • Make clients feel important — offer free wifi (have the login/password in reception area) offer them coffee, water or even wine (in a glass cup), and always have current magazines to read.
  • Exceed their expectations by remembering important details about their needs, quirks and preferences. Appointment management apps like StyleSeat, allow you to take detailed notes about each client. Track a client’s preference for certain products, colors, cuts, or remember allergies, birthdays or just send them a note to say hi.
  • Finally, VIP treatment should include sending automated booking confirmations, appointment reminders, thank you notes, and special offers. All of which can be handled with an app like StyleSeat.


Prior to booking a service, clients will comparison shop and educate themselves on different products and techniques.

  • In a world dominated by social media, beauty and wellness demands have become largely trend driven. Continuing to educate yourself is a must. Impress your clients by knowing the trends and being prepared to answer any questions they have. Follow StyleSeat on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter to see what’s trending.
  • If you sell retail, consider offering different options. Selling at least two different brands of products raises the possibility by 60% that your customer will return to your spa.


Some services are a luxury expense, clients must be convinced the quality of the service is worth the price.

  • Put an emphasis on value. Before clients have a chance to comment on the price, help them understand the benefits this treatment will provide for both their mind and body. Make sure they understand the full value of your service and the quality of the products you use.
  • Offering promotional prices on special occasions helps build client loyalty and generates excitement around your brand. Clients feel valued when you offer a special deal.

Learn how StyleSeat makes it easy for clients to leave reviews here.

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