Want to save thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours a year? You need to get booked online.

Online booking software helps you manage client schedules, effortlessly market your services, and organize your entire business.

Pen and paper just can’t compete.

We know old habits die hard, so here are the top 3 signs it’s time to kiss your appointment book goodbye.

1. You’re wasting time on small tasks instead of focusing on your craft. 

The hours spent scheduling clients, dealing with cancellations and “no-shows,” and scheduling follow-ups can really add up.

Keeping up with your client communications can also be time-consuming. Calculate how many hours a week you spend sending out appointment reminders, sending welcome emails, or sending out special offers.

This is precious time wasted.

From a recent article, we wrote on “Why You Should Let Clients Book Online:”

“If you book 25 appointments a day, and spend five minutes of your time scheduling each appointment, that adds up to 10 hours a week!”

Booking software, like StyleSeat, can take care of those small tasks for you so you can spend your extra ten hours making money.

Pro Tip: You don’t have to work 70 hours a week. You don’t have to stretch yourself thin. You don’t have to sacrifice your personal life to make the money you want. It’s all about working smarter not harder.

2. You’re not building a proper client database.

Collecting client information is crucial to growing your business. Sure, you can fill in an address book with scribbled client phone numbers OR you can use an app that allows you to easily make edits, create mailing lists, and organize each client’s contact information with other important information, such as formula notes.

Instead of flipping through the pages of your book, StyleSeat allows you to quickly locate each client’s info in the search bar. Less time wasted means more quality time with your clients.

3. Your marketing efforts aren’t showing results.

Having trouble increasing your bookings? You might need to rethink your marketing strategy. Marketing can be expensive right? Wrong. With an online profile, marketing on social media can be easy and completely free. Instagram and Facebook are great places to post your work, interact with existing clients, and get exposure to new clients.

To market yourself online, a custom URL is a must. A custom URL is simply a link that sends clients directly to your booking site, and in order to get one, you must be online bookable.

The best part about having an online profile — clients can do most of the marketing work for you. Make it easy for them by providing them with a link they can share. You can create referral programs or encourage clients to post your link on social media after a service.

Without a custom link, you are restricting your reach and ultimately hurting your business.

Today’s world demands flexibility and the use of technology. If you want to keep up with your competitors without exhausting yourself, it’s time to take your business online. Get rid of your appointment book to save time. Invest in salon management software to help you make money.

See how StyleSeat can help you make the transition to online booking.   

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