What do you do when you need something a bit bolder than a business card? You get a tattoo design of course ; ) We rounded up ten of Pinterest’s best stylist and barber shop tattoos to give you a little inspiration for your next trip to the tattoo parlor.

1. For those of you who really only have one true love in your life.

2. When clients say they want three inches off but you know they really mean one…

3. So your handshake says it all.


4. To commemorate all your lost bobby pins.


5. When work is only second to family ; ) 

6. For those of you who are low key in love with your job. 

7. If you need something dainty but also kind of BA. 

8. When you have some serious brand loyalty. 


9. For the true color tattoo artists. 

10. For all you MUAs out there.

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