When you can’t take clients in your salon, it’s time to get creative. Explore 5 ways to bring in revenue, even when your shop is closed. 

1. Ask Clients to Prepay Appointments 

With COVID-19 changes hitting salons hard, we’ve seen an overwhelming amount of support from StyleSeat clients — over 70% of clients want to support their local pros by paying for services upfront. 

With StyleSeat, your clients can easily prepay for future appointments. If your clients are unable to come into the salon, encourage them to book time in advance. To reward your clients, offer a promotion to customers who prepay for future reservations. With promotion bundles, (like 5% off any prepaid appointments) clients can capitalize on a deal and you can get paid upfront. 

2. Offer Digital Gift Cards

Gift cards are another fun and easy way for clients to pay for future appointments. With StyleSeat Gift Cards, your clients can pay in advance for themselves or a friend. Plus, they’re a no-brainer gift for the holiday season — who doesn’t love to getting cash to spend on their favorite beauty treatment?

Learn how to add StyleSeat Gift Cards to your profile here.

3. Add Virtual Services

With state-ordered salon closures, virtual services provide a creative way for stylists to bring in revenue. From pre-appointment consultations to live beauty coaching, virtual services allow you to support your clients — even if you can’t be face to face. Explore five virtual services to offer your clients (and how to add them to your service menu) here.

4. Sell Products Online

Typically, clients can’t get the beauty products they know and love unless they’re in the salon. With access to top-shelf beauty brands, you can create a new stream of revenue and get your clients the products they trust by selling products on StyleSeat. Learn how to add products to your StyleSeat profile here

Additionally, if your clients can’t make it to the salon for an extended period of time, consider creating at-home care kits (like root touch-ups, toners, or manicure supplies). As always, check your state Board of Cosmetology regulations to ensure you’re in the clear when it comes to providing at-home care kits. 

5. Become a StyleSeat Ambassador

Build your online influence and introduce a new source of revenue by becoming a StyleSeat Ambassador. As a brand partner, you can earn $500 for every 5 friends you refer to StyleSeat. By sharing your invite link with your network, you can help new stylists build successful careers on StyleSeat and get special perks in the process. You’ll also be able to offer $50 to every friend who signs up, as an investment in their business. 

We recently launched our brand ambassador program to a select group of professionals and we’re continuing to grow it, person by person. 

When client bookings are down, it’s important to have the right infrastructure in place to maintain your clients and your brand. Excel your business even when salons are closed with StyleSeat.

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