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Jessica Sclamberg

Jessica Sclamberg, Co-Founder of SF Color Collective, has dialed in how to help her clients look and feel their best — even during a national shutdown. By creating at-home color kits with personalized products and easy application, Sclamberg has figured out exactly how to support her clients from afar. Each color kit is packaged based on the formula she has on file and comes equipped with all the tools and goodies needed for an at home touch up — color, application brush, mixing bowl, gloves to rock during the process, plus a complete step-by-step video tutorial.

For her business professional clients, personalized at-home color kits help them maintain their look (and their confidence) for each and every video conference. Even if they’re sporting sweatpants from the waist down — their roots are on point. Packaging each personalized color mix based on the client formula she has on file, Jessica ensures each color-kit is built exactly for her client’s hue and prevents any of her regulars from resorting to damaging boxed dyes. By wearing gloves to assemble each kit and setting a specific time window for product-pick up, Sclamberg is making healthy color available at a safe social distance. 

For more tips on how to provide at-home help for clients, stay connected, and embrace client support during this time, check out our interview with Jessica Sclamberg.

Here are 7 things we learned from the color-pro herself when it comes to getting creative and supporting clients through this time.  

Find the Balance

How are you spending your time during the mandated shelter-in-place?
It’s bizarre for someone like me who is usually so busy, but my first priority was making sure myself, my stylists, and my clients were all safe and healthy. Then, I had to figure out how to keep my clients feeling their best without servicing them in the salon — so I came up with single use personalized color kits and made product pickup possible without any real contact.

I’ve also been keeping myself busy walking my dog with my sister every morning (my family luckily lives in my building so we’ve been having tons of family time!), running, cooking a ton which I don’t always have the time to do!

Get Personalized

How are you preparing at-home resources for clients?
Everyone has a personalized formula on file. We’re prepping each kit with each client’s specific formula. We stocked the kit with all the tools the client will need (the bowl, the brush, & gloves!) and created a youtube tutorial for our clients to apply color around their hairline and partline.

Embrace Consults and Tutorials 

How else have you been working with clients during this time? 
I’ve provided a few FaceTime consultations and started recording at-home videos and tutorials of products and tools I love and how to use them. I’m working on figuring out what clients need from me and how I can steer them in the right direction. 

Stay Connected

What advice would you give to other stylists when it comes balancing social distancing and supporting clients? 
I personally believe health and wellness is our priority. I’ve encouraged people to not make house calls at this time and instead get creative with ways to support clients. I’ve been encouraging our team to send out weekly newsletters with little tips and tricks, or even just an update on something they’ve done in order to stay connected.

Use Social Media

How have you been communicating with your clients during this time? What’s the best way for Pros to keep their clients up to speed?
I actually find social media to be the fastest way to communicate with clients about what is happening. Most of my clients follow my personal page and my salon page. I’m able to keep them in the loop there in addition to sending newsletters.

Help Clients Master Something New

What is one self-care or beauty treatment that pros should be encouraging clients to take advantage of during this time? 
A lot of stylists would say give your hair a rest, but my clients are high powered professionals who are still video chatting. I think this is the best time to learn how to curl your hair or try out new beauty products!

Trust Your Gut 

What advice would you give to Pros as we navigate this time together?
I would say trust your gut and accept the support your clients want to offer you. Many people are offering gift cards or want to pay for their future appointments. If they are offering and have jobs- let them support you!

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