Whether you’re unable to take clients or having a slow booking season, when client appointments are down it’s time to get creative. From gift cards to virtual appointments, we’ve gathered five ways to boost your income when client bookings are at an all-time low. 

1. Prepay, Prepay, Prepay

If your clients are unable to come into the salon, encourage them to book time in the future. Reach out to your client list through email and social media to promote prepaid appointments, service bundles, and gift cards. To earn money on the spot, offer a small discount on services for clients who prepay for future appointments. With promotion bundles (like 10 waxing appointments for the price of 8), clients can capitalize on a deal, and you’ll get payment upfront. While gift cards can be used as a great seasonal selling point for upcoming events and holidays. 

2. Make More with Salon Products 

Typically, clients can’t get their hands on the beauty products they love unless they’re in the salon. With access to top-shelf products, you can make more by selling beauty supplies directly to your clients — in person or through a contact-less drop-off.

If your clients can’t make it to the salon for a given period of time, consider creating at-home care kits (like root touch-ups, toners, or gel removal supplies) to help them maintain their look until their next appointment. Check your state Board of Cosmetology regulations to ensure you’re in the clear when it comes to providing at-home care products.

3. Turn Recommendations into Income 

Have a generous social following? Consider generating extra income with affiliate marketing (aka product recommendations). Many beauty brands offer affiliate programs where you can earn a commission off of sales made from your recommendations. With tools like Amazon Associates and Oberlo, you can earn money from the products you stand by.

The next time you post a beauty tutorial or client transformation online, include links to the products you used. For each purchase made off of one of your affiliate links, you’ll earn a percentage of the profit. 

4. Hold a Workshop 

Take advantage of your techniques, talents, and connections in the beauty space by hosting an industry workshop. Whether you have a new technique to demonstrate or want to throw a networking event for fellow professionals, hosting a workshop is a great place to source revenue. To involve more professionals (and cut down on overhead costs), host an online workshop on Zoom or Skype

5. Make More with Patreon 

Convert social followers into paying subscribers with Patreon. The subscription tool allows you to charge subscribers or “patrons” a monthly fee to access your content. Here you can host educational videos for fellow professionals or create user-focused tutorials for clients. Don’t have a large social following to convert? Check out our 3 part series on building your online brand.

When client bookings are down, it’s important to have the right infrastructure in place to maintain your business and your brand. Grow your business even when bookings are slow with StyleSeat.

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