Long hair looks beautiful when it’s healthy, no matter what texture your hair is. There are hundreds of long hairstyles to choose from. You can get creative and customize your look since long hair is versatile. If you have short hair, you can lengthen your hair with extensions and wigs. Although long hair may take extra time to maintain, the effort is worth the end result!

1. Long Natural Curls

woman with long natural curls

Leaving your hair down in its natural state can often be healthier than other long hairstyles. Simply washing your hair, brushing it out, and using the right products for your hair texture can make you feel beautiful in your own skin — and hair! 

2. Box Braids Bun

woman with box braided bun

Box braids are a popular long hairstyle that you can achieve with extensions or natural hair. When you have extra long braids, you can wrap your hair into a beehive bun for an impressive look. The beehive bun regally sits upon your head, and your hair will stay out of your face with this hairstyle. 

3. French Braided Space Buns

woman with french braided space buns

Space buns create a youthful and fun look that is easy long hairstyle to throw up on-the-go. With long hair, your space buns will be full and fluffy. You can pair your space buns with natural makeup and glossy lips for a simple, yet chic look.

4. Fishtail Braid

woman with fishtail braid

The fishtail braid is a creative alternative to the French braid. With a look that resembles a fish skeleton, this braid is easy to create once you master the technique. You can learn this style from a hairstylist or by watching videos online. Once you learn how to braid, you can create a beautiful fishtail braid for your next event.

5. Long Shag

woman with long shag

Photo source: Mary Tran, a women’s haircut Pro from Santa Monica, CA

This long shag hairstyle was popular in the ‘70s and has come back in style. With choppy, long layers and curtain bangs, you can rock this hairstyle with bell bottoms and hoop earrings if you want to go back in time. You can also modernize your look with your favorite top and a pop of color on your lips.

6. Curtain Bangs

woman with curtain bangs

Photo source: Vanessa Parrotta, a women’s haircut Pro from Thousands Oak, CA

You can also try curtain bangs on a more modern hairstyle. These curtain bangs are paired with long waves and highlights that give the hair a fresh look. Long hair can sometimes fall flat if it doesn’t have the right cut, but these bangs do a nice job of framing the face and adding texture.

7. Cornrows with Ponytail

woman with cornrows in ponytail

Photo source: Reyven King, a braids Pro from Los Angeles, CA

Cornrows are a protective hairstyle that work well on hair of all lengths. Cornrows prevent your hair from breaking, which promotes natural hair growth. If you want a long hairstyle, you can add extensions to your cornrows. These braids are easy to maintain and will last for weeks at a time with proper moisturization. 

8. Sleek and Straight

woman with sleek and straight hair

The sleek and straight hairstyle is popular if you want to upgrade your naturally straight look for a special event or a night on the town. If you use a flat iron and shine-enhancing products like serum or oil, your hair will be frizz-free. Other techniques to straighten natural hair include silk presses and blowouts.

9. Loose Waves and Highlights

woman with loose waves and highlights

Photo source: Oanh Truong, a women’s haircut Pro from San Dimas, CA

One of the best ways to give shape and dimension to long hair is to add loose waves and highlights. You can achieve these waves with a curling iron and keep them in place with hairspray. Loose waves look effortless and will flow in the wind as you walk. The cost of highlights is worth it since the right shade can make your complexion glow and enhance your cheekbones as well. The cost

10. Chunky Cornrows with Designs

woman with chunky cornrows and design

Photo source: Sandras Braids, a braids Pro from Houston, TX

Your cornrows can stand out when you work with an experienced braid artist and take the time to customize your look. Chunky cornrows are faster to install than smaller braids and they can be better for your hair since they won’t pull as much as smaller braids. However, you can add a few smaller braids to your look to make this look one-of-a-kind. Keep in mind that cornrows can cost more if you want to get lots of small braids and intricate designs.

11. Low Ponytail

woman with low ponytail

Photo source: Rae Lynn, a women’s haircut Pro from Torrance, CA

A low ponytail is a straightforward long hairstyle that will work for any occasion while keeping your hair out of your face. You can dress up your low ponytail by accessorizing it with ribbons, beads, or your favorite clip. 

12. Colorful Braids

person with colorful braids

Photo source: LeiYohn, a braids Pro in Atlanta, GA

Braids can completely change your look when you change the color of them. These braids include bleached hair with pink extensions fed in, but you can also feed colored extensions into your natural hair. The benefit of colored extensions is that you can take them out and change them up whenever you’re in the mood for something new.

13. French Braids

woman with french braids

French braids are a classic look that can make your hair look sleek and put together in no time. Whether you’re headed to work, to play a sport, or to a formal event, French braids are a universal long hairstyle that will forever be in style. 

14. Long Curls with Side-Swept Bang

woman with long curls and side swept bangs

Photo source: Ayanna, a women’s haircut Pro from Richardson, TX

Curls can add volume to your long hair. You can create curls in your long hair using a curling iron or by leaving in heatless curls overnight. Some heatless options include flexi rod curls or pin curls. Adding a side-swept bang to this look will also make your eyes pop.

15. High and Curly Ponytail

woman with high and curly ponytail

Photo source: Whitney Porter, a women’s haircut Pro from Houston, TX

The high and curly ponytail is a fun look that allows your long curls to flow freely while keeping your hair slicked back and out of your eyes. The high ponytail makes your curls fountain out of the top of your head and gives this look a youthful vibe. You can create this look with any style of curls, but tight ringlet curls will give this long hairstyle extra bounce. 

16. Waves with Deep Side Part

waves with deep side part

Photo source: Fleeque by Nique, a women’s haircut Pro from Fontana, CA

This wavy hairstyle can give your long hair a lot of texture and depth. These waves involve deep creases in the hair instead of ringlets, which give the hair a modern touch. The deep side part at the scalp adds height and volume to the hair and allows the side-swept bang to look wavy as well. 

17. Classic Ponytail

woman with classic ponytail

Photo source: Whitney Porter, a women’s haircut Pro from Houston, TX

You can never go wrong with a classic ponytail when you have long hair. A ponytail can be a fashionable long hairstyle when you keep the hair on your scalp frizz-free and slicked back with gel. You can curl the hair in your ponytail or straighten it to give it a more formal look. Whatever the occasion may be, a ponytail is always trending. 

18. High Bun

woman with high bun

Similar to a classic ponytail, you can throw your hair in a sleek high bun if you want a clean look. Once you slick back the hair on your scalp and get your hair into a ponytail, you can wrap your ponytail into a bun and secure it with a second ponytail holder. 

19. Wrapped Updo

woman with wrapped updo

Photo source: Lia Rivette, a women’s haircut Pro from Oak Park, IL

This wrapped updo is a beautiful long hairstyle that will look great for a wedding, graduation, or other special occasions. A hairstylist can help you achieve this look, but it involves putting your hair in a low bun and wrapping the rest of your hair around the bun. There are many ways to pull off this formal style with long hair. Your stylist can help you come up with the perfect style for you.

20. Side-Swept Curls

woman with side swept curls

Photo source: Whitney Porter, a women’s haircut Pro from Houston, TX

These side-swept curls will give your long hair a unique look for daytime or nighttime wear. By curling your hair and pinning it all to one side, your hair will look voluminous since your hair will have double the thickness on that side.

21. Curly Ombré

woman with curly ombré

Photo source: Whitney Porter, a women’s haircut Pro from Houston, TX

The ombré is a hair coloring technique that involves highlighting the ends of the hair while the top of the hair stays dark. This is a great technique to use on curly long hair because it will brighten up your curly ends and emphasize your length. The ombré also adds contrast to the hair and gives it dimension. If you like the way your ombre looks with curls, consider getting a perm. The price of a perm may be worth it in the long run if it can save you from using heat to curly your colored hair every day.

22. Bouncy and Tight Waves

woman with bouncy and tight waves

Photo source: Whitney Porter, a women’s haircut Pro from Houston, TX

These tight and bouncy waves are a long hairstyle that’ll stand out on the street because they’ll shake and flow with you as you walk. You can get this look by working with an experienced hair stylist. They can then teach you how to achieve the look on your own. You’ll likely need to use a curling wand instead of a curling iron to get your waves just right. 

23. Curls with Side Braids

curls with side braids

Photo source: Chloe Emanuel, a women’s haircut Pro from Bellflower, CA

If you have naturally curly hair, you may want a long hairstyle that adds some shape to your hair. A simple way to do this is to add a few side braids to your look. These side braids will pin back your hair, but allow the rest of your curls to flow down naturally. With these braids, you can also throw your curls up in a bun or ponytail whenever you need to.  

24. Long Box Braids

woman with long box braids

Photo source: Talysha Pope, a women’s haircut Pro from Drexel Hill, PA

Box braids are one of the best protective styles for long hair. Box braids involve splitting the hair into sections before braiding each piece of hair. You can customize your box braids with colored yarn, beads, or clips.

25. Fulani Braids

woman with fulani braids

Photo source: Shelley Poingsett, a braids Pro from Los Angeles, CA

Fulani braids are a gorgeous hairstyle that originated from the Fulani people in Africa. Fulani braids usually include a middle part with braids going down each side of the head. Two braids should then come forward near the temples. You can customize your Fulani braids with beads or jewels. 

26. Undercut

woman with undercut

The undercut is a bold way to cut your hair if you want a hairstyle that’s both long and short. An undercut involves shaving the head underneath your longer hair, but you can also leave one side of the hair long and completely shave the other half of your head. A hair stylist can help you decide which variation of the undercut will look best on you.

27. Half-Up Twist

woman with half up twist

Photo source: Meredith Tye, a women’s haircut Pro from Hickory, NC

The half-up, half-down hairstyle is popular with long hair because it gives you the best of both worlds. You may want to leave your hair down while still keeping the hair out of your face. This half-up twist is a creative way to take half of your hair and put it up without simply pinning it back. 

28. Loose Updo

woman with loose updo

You can do a variation of this loose updo quickly at home with long hair. If you have a big clip, you can grab your hair and twist it up before clipping it in the back to achieve this look. You can also try this look with multiple bobby pins. This updo is meant to be loose and messy, so there’s no right or wrong way to create it. The looseness gives this updo a casual and chic feel. 

29. Long Hair with Flipped-Out Ends

woman with long hair and flipped-out ends

Photo source: Gustavo Troche, a women’s haircut Pro from Dallas, TX

If your hair is naturally long and straight, then you can easily add texture to your hair by flipping out your ends with a curling iron or straightener. This simple long hairstyle will only take a few minutes, but can add a big impact. To keep your flipped out ends from falling out, you can apply  hairspray so your textured look lasts all day. 

30. Curly Updo

woman with curly updo

Every updo has a different feel to it. You may prefer a messy updo for a casual night on the town, whereas a braided updo could be a great choice for an event where you know you’ll be dancing a lot. This curly updo will give you a fun and playful look while still keeping your hair secure. 

31. High Ponytail with Loose Waves

woman wit high ponytail and loose waves

Photo source: Danielle Dior, a braids Pro from Philadelphia, PA

When you have long hair, some of the best hairstyles are simple. This high ponytail sits at the top of the head and keeps the front of your hair out of your face. You can do this hairstyle in just a few minutes, and it will let your beautiful waves hang down by your shoulders.  

32. Bubble Ponytail

woman with bubble ponytail

Photo source: Kiwaina Bennett, a women’s haircut Pro from Houston, TX

The bubble ponytail is an easy hairstyle that’s both funky and trendy. To create this look, add ponytail holders to your ponytail at equal intervals. The added texture makes this long hairstyle pop and can give you a boost of confidence. 

33. Braids with Colorful Rubber Bands

woman with braids and colorful rubber brands

Photo source: Kiwaina Bennett, a women’s haircut Pro from Houston, TX

Accessorizing your long hairstyle is a smart way to make an otherwise common hairstyle look more unique. For example, many people wear classic box braids, but you can add your own personal style by incorporating colorful rubber bands into your braids.

34. Straight Hair with Side-Swept Bangs

woman with straight hair with side swept bangs

Adding bangs to your long hairstyle can entirely change your look. You can transform a simple and straight haircut into a bold look when you add side-swept bangs.

35. Long Locs

woman with long locs

Locs are a beautiful long hairstyle that you can achieve with extensions or through the authentic technique of locking your hair. Locking your hair is a permanent and long process that can be difficult to master. You can test drive this hairstyles with faux locs if you’re unsure whether you want to commit to locs. Faux locs may cost less than what you’d pay for real locs since you don’t need to commit as long to them.

36. Brushed-Out Curls

woman with brushed out curls

If your hair is naturally long and curly, then you can try brushing out your curls to create a beautiful and luscious lion’s mane. Taming your curls won’t do them justice, so the best thing to do is to let them breathe. Go big or go home, right?

Long hair often takes additional care and maintenance, but it also comes with so much beauty. If you’re feeling lost on how to style your long hair, you can reach out to our community of stylists

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