Planning a wedding has many moving parts, but your wedding hairstyle should be a top priority. Like your wedding dress, your hair will be front and center in all your pictures. With the right wedding hairstyle, you’ll be ready for your big moment, and you’ll feel beautiful as you dance the night away.

1. Bouffant Updo

woman with bouffant updo

Photo Source: Lia Rivette, a women’s haircut Pro in Oak Park, IL

If you’re throwing an elegant wedding, then a bouffant updo is the perfect wedding hairstyle for you. This look has a teased pouf in the back with a large wrapped bun. This hairstyle also keeps your hair off your neck so you can dance all night without worrying about your hair. 

2. Cornrows with Afro Puff

bride with cornrows and afro puff

If you want to wear your hair natural, then cornrows with an Afro puff can create a beautiful wedding hairstyle. This natural look shows off your curls and you can add accessories to this hairstyle to match your flower bouquet or the fabric on your dress. It also can be affordable to add cornrows to your style if you’re only braiding a part of your hair.

3. Pin Curls

bride with pin curls

Photo Source: Latasha Grey, a women’s haircut Pro in Forest Park, GA

Pin curls are an easy way to curl your hair without heat, and they create perfect ringlets that will add a traditional feel to your wedding hairstyle. Pin the curls to your head so they stay in place and never lose their curl. You can also let your curls hang down for a bouncier style. 

4. Retro Hollywood Waves

bride with retro hollywood waves

Choosing a wedding hairstyle inspired by decades past can make you feel classy and beautiful. With Hollywood waves, you’ll be a movie star from the ‘50s on your big day and all of your guests will be your fans. Because your wedding day is your day to feel special, it’s important to fulfill whatever fantasy you’ve dreamed of.

5. Flexi-Rod Curls

bride with flexi rod curls

Photo source: In His Image Photography

You can show off your natural hair on your wedding day with heatless flexi-rod curls. Wear flexi-rod curls overnight, and when you take them out in the morning, you’ll have beautiful, bouncy ringlets. Because this wedding hairstyle requires overnight preparation, it’s a fast way to get ready before your big day. 

6. Braided Updo with Headband

bride with braided updo and jeweled headband

Photo Source: Tracey and Martin Photography

A braided updo is a great choice for your wedding hairstyle because braids are customizable. Having a one-of-a-kind wedding hairstyle will make you feel special on your big day. Once you’ve decided on the braided updo you like, personalize your look further with a jeweled headband or hair piece. 

7. Loose Waves

bride with loose waves

When you have long hair, show it off by leaving it long and flowing on your wedding day. Adding loose waves is a great way to make your long hair feel more formal and romantic. You can stun your guests by letting your hair flow behind you as you walk down the aisle and allowing it to blend in with the train of your dress. 

8. Finger Waves

bride with finger waves

Photo Source: Tanique Renay, a women’s haircut Pro from Haltom City, TX

You can try finger waves with long or short hair, and this 1920s hairstyling technique will give you a vintage look on your wedding day. The key to making finger waves last all day and night is to use styling gel and bobby pins to keep each wave in place. 

9. Curly Braid with Jewels

bride with curly braid and jewels

Photo Source: Laura C. Kay, an extensions Pro from Glendale, CA

A curly braid adorned with jewels is a wedding hairstyle that will make you feel like a princess. Make a traditional braid look bigger by using bigger sections of hair and pulling at the sides to loosen it up. No matter what dress you’re wearing, this hairstyle can upgrade your look.

10. Side-Swept Curls

bride with side swept curls

Photo Source: Devon Raysor, an extensions Pro from Charlotte, NC

With side-swept curls, you can show off your natural hair and keep your hair out of your face at your wedding. This hairstyle will also show off your beautiful bridal makeup. Use a jeweled hair clip to pin back your hair and give this hairstyle some added elegance. 

11. Curly Pixie with Veil

bride with curly pixie and veil

Photo Source: The Sweetest Things Photography

A curly pixie cut is a wedding hairstyle that makes any bride with shorter hair look gorgeous. Create this hairstyle with heatless pin curls or with a curling iron the morning of your wedding. Adding a long veil to the back of your pixie cut will make you feel like a bride without overshadowing your hairstyle or makeup. 

12. Voluminous Afro

bride with voluminous afro

Take advantage of your voluminous, natural curls by letting them loose on your wedding day! This style won’t take much effort if you’ve been growing out your curls for months, but adding curl cream can give your hair the right amount of shine for your big day. 

13. Half-Up, Half-Down Curls

bride with half up half down curls

You have many wedding hairstyles to choose from as a bride, but there’s a reason the half-up, half-down style is so popular. This style gives you the best of both worlds by keeping your hair pulled back while also letting it fall beautifully down your back. Adding curls to this style and a jeweled headpiece will make you feel like royalty. 

14. High-Wrapped Bun

bride with high wrapped bun

There are two ways to go as a bride when you have long hair. You can let your hair flow down your back, or you can get an updo so your hair stays out of the way. Both options can be beautiful, and this high-wrapped bun appeals to the latter. A bun is classy and practical, and this style will let your jewelry and makeup shine. 

15. Rolled Updo with Veil

bride with rolled updo and veil

This rolled updo is the perfect wedding hairstyle when you want to wear a long veil. Because this updo creates a rolled-up bun, your veil can sit perfectly on top of it. You can also add a hairpiece on top of your veil to complete the look. 

16. Buzz Cut

bride with buzz cut

Photo Source: Samantha Clarke Photography

Wearing a buzz cut on your wedding day can feel liberating. As you walk down the aisle to meet your partner, this hairstyle will bring out your bold and confident personality. Make this wedding hairstyle pop by adding jewelry and makeup.

17. Long Fishtail Braid

bride with fishtail braid

Fishtail braids have become popular for boho-style weddings. This hairstyle will upgrade your wedding look without taking much effort to install. A fishtail braid can keep your hair in check at your wedding so you can focus on your special day. The intricacy of this style will keep all your guests focused on you. 

18. Pompadour

bride with pompadour

The pompadour hairstyle has been around for decades, with Elvis Presley making it famous. But women have transformed the style into a look that’s more feminine and chic. You can wear a pompadour at your wedding and pin it up with a beautiful hairpiece. This style is unique and can make your walk down the aisle feel like the runway. 

19. Wispy Updo with Flowers

woman with wispy updo and flowers

Depending on your wedding theme and personal style, you may prefer a wispy updo. This wispy bun is looser than traditional buns and includes flower accessories. If your wedding is outdoors or has a whimsical theme, then this hairstyle can work well with that atmosphere. 

20. Locs Updo

bride with locs updo

If you’ve worked hard to grow out locs, then you can incorporate your locs into your wedding hairstyle. Pulling your locs back into a large, low bun can give you a special look for your big day. With this hairstyle, you can easily show off the front and back of your dress without your hair getting in the way. 

21. Low Wrapped Ponytail

bride with low wrapped ponytail

A ponytail can seem too simplistic to wear on your wedding day, but there are ways to upgrade a ponytail and make it chic. To create this ponytail, you’ll need to wrap extra hair around the base, which makes it appear lifted and full. Give your ponytail a bridal vibe by adding a jeweled headband on top. 

22. Waterfall Braid

bride with waterfall braid

Photo Source: Bianca Marcy, a women’s haircut Pro from Tustin, CA

A waterfall braid is a wedding hairstyle that will keep your hair back while allowing your curls to cascade down. This braided look will suit you if you’re going for a casual or outdoor wedding theme. Because the waterfall braid is loose and flowing, it fits the carefree bridal style. 

23. Smooth Ballerina Bun

bride with full ballerina bun

Photo Source: Sunshine’s Photography

Do you prefer your hair slicked back on your big day? If so, a traditional ballerina bun may be the wedding hairstyle for you. With this style, you won’t have to worry about frizz, bangs, or curls. You can focus on walking down the aisle to meet your partner. To make this style pop, add a hairpiece and a veil. 

24. Pop of Color

bride with colorful updo

Many bridal looks blend together because they use similar techniques. If you want to deviate from the norm, then you can add color to your wedding hairstyle. You can use temporary hair color to make your wedding look stand out, or you may already have permanent color to work with. Your stylist can use an updo to show off your bold look.

25. Messy Bun

bride with messy bun

Photo Source: Laura C. Kay, an extensions Pro from Glendale, CA

A messy bun can give your wedding some flair. Although the name says “messy,” this style is tousled and flirty, not disheveled. Your hairstylist can create an updo with curls hanging down and a hair piece so that your wedding hairstyle looks effortless.

26. Flower Crown

bride with flower crown

Flower crowns have become a popular hair accessory for brides who want a relaxed and boho-style wedding. You can customize a flower crown with any type of flower, ribbon, or garland to suit your style. Flower crowns work best when you wear your hair down, but you can also wear a flower crown with a low bun or a low ponytail. 

27. Updo with Headpiece

bride with updo secured with headpiece

Photo Source: Rae Lynn, a hair styling Pro from Torrance, CA

There are many ways to wear your hair in an updo for your wedding. Working with an experienced hairstylist is the best way to customize your look. If you want to keep your hair natural on your wedding day, then you can pull back your natural curls and use styling gel to keep your edges slicked back. A beautiful headpiece can give your updo the perfect accent.

28. Bob with Beachy Waves

bob with beachy waves

Shoulder-length hair looks great no matter how you style it, but a bob cut with beachy waves can make your wedding style carefree and playful. If you’re throwing a beach wedding, then this hairstyle is perfect for your big day. You can also wear beachy waves if you’re holding your wedding on a farm or in the mountains.

29. Curly Updo with Hair Pin 

bride with curly updo and hair pin

An intricate curly updo is one of the best wedding hairstyles. Your hairstylist can perfect this look using styling tools and hairspray, so your updo looks voluminous and stays in place all night. As you walk down the aisle to meet your life partner, you’ll feel like the prettiest person in the room.

30. Tuck and Roll Updo

bride with roll and tuck updo

Similar to a curly updo, this tuck and roll updo will give your hair volume while you enjoy your magical moment. This updo has a royal feel to it, with each roll building upon the next. You can braid or twist the hair on your scalp to add detail to this style. 

31. Weave-Through Updo with Headpiece

bride with weave through updo and headpiece

The weave-through updo resembles a classic curly updo, but the detail in this wedding hairstyle is more complex. This style will make your guests take a second look and wonder how your hairstylist created something so intricate. You can add a jeweled headband or a piece of fabric that matches your dress to upgrade this style.

32. Twisted Bun with Accent

bride with twisted bun and accent

The twisted bun updo is simple and classy. If you’re throwing a formal wedding, then this hairstyle will go well with your wedding theme. Adding a subtle accent hair piece to this look can give you just enough bling without taking away from the simplicity of your hair. You can also wear a beautiful set of earrings to make this look stand out. 

33. Long Curls with Accent Jewel Clip

bride with long curls and accent jewel clip

Photo source: Samantha Clarke Photography 

When you have long hair, wearing your hair in curls on your wedding day can make you feel beautiful. A veil will also flow nicely with curly locks underneath. While you may feel like the best version of yourself when your curls are down, pinning them by your ears can be convenient. A jeweled clip that matches your dress can keep your hair back. 

34. Twisted Braid

bride with twisted braid

Photo source: Lifelong Photography Studio

If you’re looking for a unique wedding hairstyle that matches your whimsical or romantic wedding theme, then a twisted braid is a great choice. This hairstyle is a spin off the popular Princess Elsa braid, and you can wear it down your back or over your shoulder. With a braid, you get the benefit of having your hair up while also showing off your long locks. 

35. Natural Curls with Twists

bride with natural curls and twists

Photo source: Samantha Clarke Photography

There are many ways to transform your natural hair into a magical, wedding-ready look. You can work with the texture of your hair and use styling gel or clips to twist your curls in different directions. Adding accent pieces like jewels or flowers will blend your hairstyle in with your dress, jewelry, and bouquet.

36. Low Bun with Pearls

bride with low bun and pearls

Photo source: Samantha Clarke Photography

Putting pearls around your bun is a great way to highlight your wedding hairstyle. This look is traditional, yet unique and will give your guests something to admire while you walk down the aisle. Using a veil to cover your body is another classic touch. Your partner will lift your veil to see you and you can then reveal your hair to the crowd. 

37. Half Up, Half Down with Twists

bride with half up half down hair with twists

The half-up, half-down hairstyle is convenient because it keeps somes hair on top, but lets you show off your long locks. This look is a simple, yet elegant style for long hair. Although this style is popular among brides, there are many ways to make it your own. Your hairstylist can curl the bottom part of your hair and twist the top part. You can add flowers for an outdoor wedding or jewels for a formal theme. 

38. Bubble Braid

bride with bubble braid

The bubble braid has become a popular hairstyle, and you can use it as a wedding hairstyle if you have long hair. This hairstyle adds a modern twist to your look, but it blends well with various dresses and wedding themes. The bubble braid will also keep your hair in check as you greet guests, dance with your partner, and enjoy your big day. 

There are many options for wedding hairstyles regardless of your hair length or texture. Your ultimate hairstyle choice will depend on your wedding theme, dress, and personality. If you need help choosing the perfect style for your walk down the aisle, you can reach out to our community of stylists.

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