Medium length hair gives you the best of both worlds. Long hair can get tangled and takes a lot of time to maintain, and short hair can be hard to style and keep out of your face. With mid-length hair, you’ll have just enough hair to style up or down while still keeping a low-maintenance look.

Medium length hairstyles are flattering for most face shapes. We’ve put together this in-depth list of mid-length hairstyles so you can find the perfect style to enhance your features.

1. Medium Length Updo with Bangs

woman with bun and wispy bangs

Medium length hair gives you the freedom to create hairstyles that are easy, yet elegant. When you add a wispy bang to your look, you’ll upgrade your simple ballet bun to a fancier updo. Your bangs will point toward your eyes and bring out the color in them. 

2. Mid-Length Cut for Straight Hair

woman with mid-length cut hair

A mid-length cut for straight hair can look great for either a boardroom meeting or a laid-back weekend. Straight hair is classic, so if you’re struggling to decide what hairstyle to choose, this is a safe style that will look good for any occasion.

3. Box Braids with Medium Length Hair

box braids with medium long hair

Box braids are a stylish, protective style that keep the ends of the hair from breaking and promote hair growth. Box braids are also versatile because you can incorporate different colors, experiment with different sizes, and include accessories in your braids.

4. Center-Parted Long Bob with Loose Waves

woman with center parted long bob with loose waves

Loose waves can add texture to a medium length hairstyle without adding too much volume to the hair. If you think voluminous curls will be distracting or hard to manage, then loose waves are a good alternative style. Middle parts are also coming back since they enhance your facial features.

5. Highlights

woman with highlights

Coloring your hair can change the way your face looks. These highlights, for example, give the hair depth and dimension. They also brighten up the skin and add a glow to a darker hairstyle.

6. Brushed-Out and Luscious Curls

woman with brushed-out and luscious curls

If you have curly hair but can’t figure out a way to style it, then you can try brushing it out. Brushing out your curls should add volume to your hair and make it feel fluffy and full. This medium length hairstyle is easy to create and will celebrate your natural hair!

7. Tousled Curls

tousled curls

The perfect medium length hairstyle can sometimes be more of a disheveled look than a put together one. These curls are a great example of that. Instead of taming your hair, the goal with this look is to tousle it up with product and a comb. With curly hair, you can pull off curls that have more volume, texture, and personality.

8. Faux Locs

woman with faux locs

Classic locs can be difficult to install and nearly impossible to remove, but you can still get this look with faux locs. Faux locs are braided into the hair and give the appearance of classic locs. Budgeting for faux locs can get you a great medium length hairstyle you can customize with colors, accessories, and braids

9. Medium Length Razored Cut

woman with short razored cut

If you have straight hair but crave something more exciting than the classic straight bob, then this razored cut can add some spunk to your look. With a razored cut, your hairstylist will use texturizing tools to create thin layers throughout the hair. This hairstyle is also a great haircut for people with thin hair because it creates texture without a lot of volume.

10. Topknot

woman with topknot

A topknot is a chic and simple hairstyle that can work for medium or long hair. If you’re headed to the gym, going to work, or planning a night out on the town, you can throw your hair in a topknot and use makeup and accessories to adjust your look for one event versus another.

11. Balayage

woman with balayage

Balayage is a hand-painted coloring technique that hairstylists use to blend the hair color into the hair, creating a gradient effect. With medium length locks, a balayage can add depth to your hair and make both the ends of your hair and the strands near your face stand out.

12. Curls with Layered Bangs

curls with layered bangs

Curly hair often has a mind of its own, but with the right medium length hairstyle, you can give your curly hair a more concrete shape. Adding layered bangs to your natural curls can give you more volume near the top of your head so that your hair has a more even look throughout. Your curls will look bouncy, full, and ready for whatever you have planned. 

13. Medium Length Asymmetrical Cut

woman with asymmetrical cut

The asymmetrical cut is trending for both short and medium length hair. By keeping one side of your hair longer than the other, you can create the illusion that your hair is thicker and fuller than it actually is. While this cut is simple, it also gives your look some originality, so you set yourself apart from others with similar hairstyles.

14. Braided Ponytail

A braided ponytail is an easy hairstyle to create at home, and it is a great option for work or play. This style will stay put for hours on end, especially if you add product to keep your frizz in check! When you need a medium length hairstyle that feels simple and elegant, this style can be your go-to.

 15. Two-Strand Twists

woman with two strand twists

Two strand twists are a medium length hairstyle that will keep your hair healthy and looking fabulous. To create these twists, divide your hair into small sections and split each section into two strands. Twist the strands together and tie the ends of the twists. Once you keep the twists in for a week or two, you can untwist, and you’ll have bouncy ringlets!

16. Low Ponytail

low ponytail

A sleek, low ponytail is a gorgeous look no matter what texture your hair is. With medium length hair, you can use product to smooth your hair and gather it near the nape of your neck. Even with curly hair, a low pony can be classy when you comb down the top and accessorize with earrings or red lipstick. 

17. Curled Under Bob

woman with curled under bob

The curled under bob has been a trending hairstyle for decades. This style is simple to do on short and medium length hair, and it can give you a classy, polished look. To curl under the ends of your hair, use a flat iron. Add hairspray if you want to make sure your ends stay in place all day. 

18. Medium Length Bedhead Waves

woman with blonde bed head waves

You probably don’t think of the “rolling out of bed” look as desirable, but the term “bedhead” is popular in the hairstyling world for a reason. Bedhead waves have texture, volume, and a slightly tousled look to them. These waves look natural, and you can achieve them by using a curling iron, some hairspray, and a teasing comb. 

19. Medium Length French Braids

woman with french braids

French braids never stop trending, and they are a go-to medium length hairstyle that you can do yourself. Once you know how to French braid, you can put them in your hair quickly so that your hair feels put together for any occasion. You can also take them out quickly whenever you need to wash your hair. The flexibility of French braids makes them a forever favorite.

20. Modern Mullet

woman with feathered bangs

Hairstylists use many layering techniques to create texture or add volume to the hair. Different techniques create fresh looks, like this modern mullet. The choppy layers in this style extend down the neck and will look especially stunning on thin hair. 

21. Medium Length Fulani Braids

woman with Fulani braids

Fulani braids are a beautiful, protective hairstyle made popular by the Fulani people of West Africa. This style typically includes a middle part with braids down the sides of the head and two braids that come forward near the ears. To customize your Fulani braids, you can include beads or accessories.

22. Messy Bun

woman with messy bun

A messy bun is the best medium length hairstyle to go with when you’re in a hurry to leave the house. You can create the perfect messy bun by puffing it out and letting pieces of your hair flow out around your hair tie. To get this effortless, tousled look, keep the rest of your hair loose. 

23. Medium Length with Undercut

Whether your hair is short, mid-length, or somewhere in between, an undercut is a hairstyle for risk-takers who want to turn heads. This hairstyle gives you two looks in one! When you buzz the hair on one part of your head but keep it long on the other, you’ll feel a mix of feminine and fierce.

24. Curly Shag

woman with mid-length shag

The shag is a medium length hairstyle that’s making a comeback from the 1970s and ‘80s. You can get the shag look with curly or straight hair, but it’s important not to go overboard with the layers. A shag should have soft layers and wispy bangs as it gets longer toward your shoulders.

25. Beachy Waves on Medium Length Hair

woman with beachy waves

Many people want beachy waves because they’re a perfect mix between straight and curly hair. The key to achieving beachy waves is to make them look as though they’re natural and effortless. One of the easiest ways to get these waves is with a large-barreled curling iron, but you can also try using texture spray and other products.

26. Chunky Cornrows

woman with chunky cornrows

Chunky cornrows look great on medium length hair and they are one of the best protective styles. These braids protect your hair from breakage and allow your hair to grow. They can also last for several weeks, which means you can spend your time worrying about things other than your hair.

27. Mid-Length Hair with Barrel Curls

woman with barrel curls

Barrel curls are full and round ringlet curls that make your hair look picture perfect. You can get these curls using a large-barreled curling iron or by leaving in large no-heat curlers overnight. Whether you want this look for a glam night on the town or to feel confident in your everyday attire, this medium length hairstyle will definitely be a showstopper.

28. Space Buns

woman with braided space buns

Space buns are a fun way to style your hair when you want a quick and different look. This hairstyle can work with many hair textures and lengths. The longer your hair is, the puffier your space buns will be. These buns look good even with dreadlocks.

29. Faux Hawk

woman with faux hawk

A faux hawk can keep your curls in check while giving you a trendy medium length hairstyle. You can create a faux hawk with short or mid-length curls and customize the look to your liking. You can fade out the sides of your hair to create a classic mohawk or you can braid or pin up the sides of your hair for a temporary faux hawk.

30. Fishtail Braid on Mid Length Hair

woman with fishtail braid

Fish tail braids, like French braids, are a convenient way to pull up your hair when you want a stylish look on-the-go. Once you learn how to fishtail braid, you can braid your hair anytime and wear these braids for any occasion. The fish tail braid resembles the pattern of a fish skeleton. While this may seem like a weird style, it’s a very intricate and impressive look!

31. No-Heat Roller Curls

woman with no heat curls

Your natural hair will stay at its healthiest when you stay away from chemicals and heat. If you want to get bouncy, ringlet curls without heat, there are many no-heat curling options you can try. Pin curls, rag curls, and perm rod sets can all create curls that last for a week or more. Talking to a hairstylist before your next appointment is a great way to decide on the right curls for you.

32. Ombré

woman with ombre

Ombré and balayage can seem like similar hair coloring techniques, and both are beautiful ways to highlight your hair. The difference in the ombré style is the horizontal transition in hair color from light to dark, while the balayage is a hand-painted technique that results in an overall horizontal color gradient.

33. Twisted Updo

woman with twisted updo

This twisted updo is a convenient way to style your natural hair for any occasion. Not only will this hairstyle keep your hair out of your face and off your neck, but it looks regal and gives off a sophisticated vibe. You can feel confident when you sport this updo knowing your hair is healthy and protected.

34. Side Crown Braid

side crown braid

The side crown braid is a simple way to tuck your ends and protect them from breakage. The best thing about this medium length hairstyle is that it offers versatility. Instead of throwing your hair up in a ponytail, you can pin it up in a side crown braid and feel ready for a formal event like a wedding or a graduation.

35. Sleek and Super Straight

woman with sleek and super straight hair

We’ve already covered the classic straight bob, but there’s something to be said for going the extra mile with this sleek and super straight look. You’ll likely need a flat iron and some hair serum to achieve this look. You can also go to the salon if the cost of a straightening treatment is within your budget. When your hair is this straight, it’ll shine so bright that you’ll catch the eyes from people across the room.

36. Bold Colors

woman with bright red and curly hair

Adding bold colors to any medium length hairstyle can make you feel like a new person. Maybe you’re feeling fierce and want to try out a bright pink, or an electric blue might really make your eyes pop. Although hair color can damage your hair, a hair stylist can make sure you use the right products to keep your hair healthy in between dyes.

Medium length hairstyles can flatter many face shapes and hair textures. If you’re struggling to decide between long hair and short hair, a mid-length style can offer the best of both styles while giving you the right amount of volume and texture. If you need help choosing the right look or cut, you can reach out to our community of Pros for advice.

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