Having curly hair is a bittersweet gift. When you’re in the mood to let your hair down, curly hair is beautiful and one-of-a-kind. But, for some people, it may be difficult to style or maintain. Curly hair can be especially difficult to maintain in warm weather or while participating in outdoor activities.

As much as we all love voluminous curls, they sometimes get in the way during work, school, or exercise. When doing things like swimming, it may feel better to start braiding hair up in a protective style. You may also want a solution to calm the all-too-common frizz that comes with curly hair. One of the best ways to keep your curls in check is to braid it back, and there are hairstyles for braids with curls of all kinds.

1. Mini Cornrows

woman with mini cornrows

Cornrows are a braided hairstyle that can tame any mane, whether you have an Afro or a set of curls waiting for conquest. 

These braids are tight, small, and braided close to the scalp, which makes them low-maintenance and long-lasting. It’s important to find an experienced stylist to install your cornrows so that they aren’t too tight; that way, they will protect your hair instead of damaging it. Small cornrows cost more to install since they take longer to do and require lots of skill.

2. Box Braids

woman with box braids

There are many box braids styles to try. You can mix up sizes, lengths, textures, and ways to accessorize your braids. Box braids are great for women with curly hair because they transform the braids into a manageable style. Box braids are also low-maintenance and protective.

3. French Braids

woman with french braids

French braids are an easy, do-it-yourself braided hairstyle for curly-haired women who want the option to take their braids in and out each day. Once you know how to French braid, you can get creative and do one long French braid, French braided pigtails, or half-braided pigtails with your curls loose at the ends to showcase your wavy hair.

4. Micro Braids

woman with micro braids

Micro braids have been around for centuries. They’re great for curly hairstyles because they create the appearance of straight hair. Once braided, they become a convenient option for those who normally have curly hair. Micro braids can, however, cause possible hair breakage and they will take a significant amount of time to install and take down.

5. Half-Up, Half-Down With Curls

woman with half up half down curls

If you’re looking for a simple way to keep your curls back and away from your forehead, then braiding just the top of your hair can work well. By pulling back the top of the hair into a braid and letting the rest of your natural curls hang free, you’ll keep a fresh and fun look while feeling free of any frizz near your face. It’s an easy hairstyle for long hair that’s functional as it is chic.

6. Curly Pigtail Braids

woman with curly pigtail braids

The great thing about curly hair is that some of the most basic hairstyles can look more exciting simply because of your hair texture. While pigtail braids may seem simple on someone with straight hair, this is a straightforward style you can pull off that will look spunky. Letting your curls hang out adds personality to your look! 

7. Half-Up Double Braids

woman with half up double braids

Another interesting braid for curly hairstyles involves a mix between French braids and the half-up, half-down look. With this hairstyle, you’ll take the half-up part of your hair and French braid two individual braids before allowing the rest of your hair to fall freely into curls. This look goes well with all hair types, you can make it into a long braid or tight braid depending on which style you prefer!

8. Braided Curly Pineapple

woman with braided curly pineapple

The curly pineapple is a trending hairstyle, and you can spice this hairstyle up by adding braids in the mix. Whether you want to braid your hair on top or up the back of the head, braids can make your curly pineapple last longer while also helping you stand out among the crowd. 

9. Curly Chignon Braid

There may be two reasons you want a chignon braid — you’re either going to a nice event where this hairstyle will work perfectly to keep your curls in check, or you’re sick of dealing with your curls and this hairstyle will get them out of your way for a while! Either way, this hairstyle is chic and will keep your hair up nice and tight. 

10. Long Braids and Textured Ends

woman with long braids and textured ends

Mixing braids with textured ends is a different hairstyle that not everyone is bold enough to try out. Whether you have long curly hair or extensions, adding braids to textured hair will increase volume. You’ll catch attention from friends and passerby with this look, so be sure to flaunt this style with confidence. 

11. Dutch-Braided Buns

woman with dutch braided buns

Similar to the braided chignon, Dutch-braided buns are the perfect updo style if you need a break from your curls or have a formal event coming up. This style will protect your hair while it lasts, and it will make you feel like your hair is out of sight and mind. 

12. Fishtail Side Braid

woman with fishtail braid

When you’re tired of French braiding your hair, you can move on to the fishtail braid. This braid is a little funkier than the French braid and has a unique look. You can either teach yourself this braid or go to a hairstylist to learn. Once you know how to fishtail braid, you’ll have one more style under your belt to use when you want to get those curls off your neck. 

13. Waterfall Braid

woman with waterfall braid

A waterfall braid is a braid you can use when you want to keep your hair down but incorporate something intricate near the top of your hair. It’s a great formal hairstyle for long hair you can hold on to for date night, a work event, or any other special occasion.

14. Side Cornrows with Hair Down

woman with side cornrows and hair down

Side cornrows are a perfect way to pin back a portion of your hair so that you can add some structure to your curls without completely taming them. With just a few low-maintenance mini braids, you can get your curls away from one side of your face and feel put together with little effort. 

15. Braided Curly Mohawk

woman with braided curly mohawk

The braided mohawk is an edgy and bold hairstyle for those who want to transform their look. With the braids holding your curls in place down the middle of your head, your hair can easily transition from day to night.

16. Braided Ponytail

woman with braided ponytail

A braided ponytail is a protective style for those with hair of any texture. Braided ponytails will keep your hair from breaking and can also help your hair grow. You can accessorize your ponytail with beads or colored yarn if you want to make your look more exciting. You can also dress up or dress down a ponytail depending on the occasion. 

17. Crown Braid

woman with crown braid

Crown braids for curly hairstyles are effective because they tuck away all ends of the hair and keep the curls intact. If you’re looking for a style that protects your hair and controls frizz, the crown braid is a great option. You can use this braided style for special day or night events, as well as for work or school. 

18. Braided Bun and Bangs

woman with braided bun and bangs

Braiding your hair and gathering it in a bun will give your curls a modern look. To add even more personality to this braided hairstyle, you can leave your bangs out and braid them too. You can always tuck your braided bangs behind your ears when you need to keep your hair out of your face. 

19. Braided Bantu Knots

woman with braided bantu knots

Bantu knots are a popular hairstyle that originated with the Zulu tribes in southern Africa. You can create this hairstyle with or without braids, but braiding your hair before dividing your braids into sections and creating knots that help them to stay in place. With curly hair, the braids will also help your Bantu knots look cleaner and less frizzy.

20. Braids with Afro

woman with braids and afro

If you have curly hair, you can try braiding the top of your hair and letting your curls hang down. There are many intricate braiding techniques you can try, including Fulani braids or cornrows. Working with an experienced braid stylist can help you customize your braided look. 

21. Goddess Braids

woman with goddess braids

Goddess braids are like cornrows, but they’re braided on top of the scalp, which makes them stand out. Goddess braids can vary in size, length, direction, and design. These are great braids for curly hairstyles, because they are easy to manage and will last a long time.

22. Braided High Bun

woman with braided high bun

You can accomplish a braided high bun with many braid styles, including box braids, cornrows, or goddess braids. Regardless of which braid style you choose, a braided high bun will wrap your curls up and away. This look is casual, yet classy, and can work for any occasion. 

23. Braided Loc Hairstyle

person with braided locs

If you’re feeling risky, then you can try turning your curls into locs, but it’ll be a long process. You can also try faux locs or soft locs before locking your hair permanently. Paying for faux locs can save you the time you’d spend on real locs. Once you have your locs in, braiding them will give your hair added flair.

24. Space Buns with Braids

woman with braided space buns

Space buns are trending right now, and this double bun style can work for those with straight or curly hair. One way to make this hairstyle more inventive is to incorporate French braids up the back of your hair. You can also let your curly bangs stay down in the front to complete the look!

There are so many braids for curly hairstyles that sometimes it’s hard to choose just one. Thankfully, you have the freedom to switch it up whenever you want. When you need a curly hair expert to offer styling tips and tricks, you can look to our stylist community for advice or a custom service.

When to Remove Braids

The time to remove your braid with curls depends on you and how often you prefer to wash your hair. Some people may have braids that hold for a while, and on the other hand, others may see damage to their braids quicker. Knowing your hair type is important to determine when would be most appropriate to remove your braids.