Wand curlers are key for nailing big, effortless waves at home. Unlike traditional irons, wand curlers don’t have a clamp that holds your hair in place. As a result, this tool helps you swap tight Shirley Temple-style curls for more natural looking ones.

Luckily, doing at-home wand curls is easy to master, here are some beginner mistakes to avoid. 

Forgetting to Prep

Any time you apply heat to your hair you’ll want to pre-treat it. This helps lock in moisture, prevent damage, and give your locks body and bounce. Depending on your hair type, treat blow dried hair with heat protecting serum, mousse, avocado butter, or your preferred product of choice.

Going in Too Hot

Would you heat a tortilla at the same temp you’d use to bake cookies? Of course not! The same holds true for curling, and different hair textures require specific heat settings. Generally fine hair should be heated at 300℉, healthy medium hair can go up to 350℉, and super thick, or curly natural hair should be curled at 350-400℉. 

Holding for Too Long

We’ve seen the Youtube fails, we all know the horror of holding a curling iron in place so long it burns right off. To avoid this, hold your hair to the wand curler for only about 3 to 5 seconds. You’re going for natural curls, not charred ones!

Starting from the Front

The first pancake rule applies to hair as well, your initial tries are not going to be super perfect. Because of this, it’s a good idea to section your hair before you start curling, then work from the back of your head to the front. This way, your less exact curls are literally behind you and your more practiced ones are front and center. 

Curling Only One Way

When your hair curls naturally it tends to go in multiple directions. Mimic this texture by varying the way you use your wand curler. Experiment with twirling some strands from root to tip and some from the tip up. This will make your do look relaxed and beachy rather than perfectly uniform.

Finishing Too Early

Once all your strands are curled, go through your hair with your fingers to gently loosen your curls. Some experts recommend lightly applying a hot iron to smooth out flyaways or baby hairs near the crown. Top everything off with light sea salt spray or any a setting spray to ensure your beach waves don’t wipe out as soon as you step out side.

For tips on how to use a wand curler for your exact hair type, hit up your favorite StyleSeat professional for a personalized digital consultation.

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