We spoke to two StyleSeat pros about why they made Instagram marketing a top priority, how it boosted their bookings, and how it’s changed their business for the better. Both Cre and Amanda have crafted their own unique insta-brand that not only stands out but actually converts followers into clients — and coincidentally, they both know how to rock a brick backdrop ; ) Check out their tips for growing your following and posting great content.

Photos by @stylebycre and @amandawarrenhair

How has Instagram benefited your business?

Cre: Over 85% of my business comes from Instagram. If someone has a business, they should try to utilize Instagram. It’s literally free advertisement!

Amanda: Instagram has taken my business so much farther than I ever thought it could have gone. I don’t see things changing anytime soon with social media, so I think it’s so important to utilize this free advertising tool!

How did you grow your followers?

Cre: Using the hashtag #stlhairstylist helped so many people in my area find my services. A few years back, I was the only stylist at the time that would come up when people searched the tag on IG. I try to remain consistent, take quality pics, and offer people a variety of services to choose from.

Amanda: Posting hair pictures and tagging the brands you used. Brands will repost you which will get you more exposure.  

How do you decide what content to post?

Cre: Sometimes, I follow the trend of what people love to see or I’ll post the advice that’s the most requested in the salon.

Amanda: It depends on what way you want your social media to go. I have changed mine in the last year to have more of a “lifestyle” feel and I’ve added more photos of my travels and of me. It’s made a big impact on my following.

How do you create a look + feel to your page?

Cre: The look and feel is personal. I think people can tell when I’ve created something passionately because of the detail in my work. Angles in the pic, lighting, caption etc. — they all play a role in creating the look and feel.

Amanda: I try to stick with a certain flow/vibe. If I feel like the photo won’t fit on my Instagram feed, I put it in my stories : )

What are your tips for taking great client photos?

Cre: A really good camera phone, lightening, and the backdrop. For some reason, I noticed most people prefer a brick backdrop, white or neutral tones work too.

Amanda: Indirect sunlight and polished work are so important! If a photo isn’t perfect, don’t post it!

What content do your followers respond to the most?

Cre: People are creatures of habit. When another insta stylist posts something that goes viral, they usually respond to pics from my page that look similar to that look. 

Amanda: More of my braiding, videos, and travel posts.

How do you use Instagram’s Stories and Story Highlights to market your business?

Cre: I use highlights for one-on-one classes or events that have taken place within my business that didn’t make my page. I use the stories for offering specials or to feature a technique or style that I don’t post to my page often. I may also discuss products and randomness there too.

Amanda: I post my behind the scenes and everyday life. I also try to get clients excited about things to come! It’s a great tool, I love it! 🙂

What are your tips for great videos?

Cre: Like with pictures, the quality of the camera and lighting plays a huge role in showing off the quality of your work. Potential clients love videos because they are more telling than photos. It’s the best way to help clients trust that you’re not just taking good pictures, you’re also doing great work!

Amanda: Timing. You have 60 seconds, so make them count! People get bored looking at the same things all the time — try to change the frame and the speed sometimes. And make it fun! If something is boring you, then it will bore your followers.

Check out Cre and Amanda on Instagram to see how they put these tips into action.

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