Last week, we talked about the most important tactics you should be using to grow your business, “The Three C’s:” Consultation, Close, and Call to Action.

This week, I spoke to a few successful stylists about how they’ve effectively used “The Three C’s” to grow their clientele, get more bookings, and increase their income.


Listen to your clients.

Jessica Strange is a L’Oreal Professionnel Artist and educator and she says, gaining loyal customers is about making each client feel valued. Find out what challenges your clients face with their hair, make them feel understood, and make them feel confident that you will deliver.

“Clients are walking business cards – satisfied clients are the best way to grow your business.”

Here are Jessica’s consultation tips:

  • If you miss an opportunity to connect with your client, they will leave unsatisfied and you may lose a loyal client.
  • Doing a consultation WILL set you up for a successful appointment.
  • Our job as stylists is not only to make suggestions, but to LISTEN.

Here’s what to ask:

  • What is their hair history? What styles/colors have they had in the past? What hair color did they have as a child?
  • Have they had any color corrections or smoothing treatments?
  • If they are doing a change, what prompted it?
  • What are they able to maintain?


Now that you’ve listened, it’s time to make your suggestions.

For Jessica, approaching a client to rebook has been one of the simplest steps, she uses StyleSeat to make pre-booking easy with the “recurring appointments” tool.

“I even have a “5 Week Crew” that consists of about 5 different women within my community that all come on the same night!”

She recommends suggesting a rebooking during the consultation. When the client shares their routine and frequency, Jessica uses this timeframe to propose a future appointment.

PRO TIP: Find out if they have a special event or vacation coming up that they would like to plan a service around.

I also chatted with top stylist and Davines educator, James Rosko of Mane Space Salon in Chicago.

Here are his closing tips:

  • Use a referral discount program. I take a dollar amount off of the existing clients’ next service for every person they refer.
  • Offer incentives. You can offer discounts on products, services and first time guest discounts.


Get your clients to take action.

James uses two strategies to get his clients to rebook:

  • Ask them when they would like to rebook before you even check them out. Asking them to rebook before I take their money and making that a part of my checkout routine has helped tremendously.
  • Give them a secure time guarantee if they want to keep their appointment. Advise them that your schedule books out quickly. Be natural, not pushy. People feel special when you give them the exact time they want and make them feel like a priority.

James says his business is now so successful he has to have all clients rebook appointments. Because of the 3 C’s James has a full book with clients that feel grateful and he is able to shorten his days in the salon and maximize his time.

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