If you haven’t moved all your client appointments into your StyleSeat calendar yet, you’re missing out on powerful business tools. Updating your calendar with all upcoming appointments isn’t just about staying organized, it’s about taking advantage of features that get clients to book more often and it’s about building your reputation with potential clients.

Here are the top 3 reasons moving appointments to your StyleSeat calendar will have a major impact on your business.


  • When you book clients on your StyleSeat calendar, they will automatically receive a booking confirmation through email or text (depending on your preferences.) And, they’ll get an automatic appointment reminder 48 before the appointment time.
  • Appointment reminders drastically reduce no-shows. Each reminder includes your salon address so clients show up on time. And, each booking confirmation includes a convenient link that allows clients to add the appointment to their own digital calendar.
  • They cut down on late cancellations. Reminders also include information about your No-Show/Late Cancellation policy. When clients know they might be charged a fee for canceling late, they’re less likely to do it.
  • The best part: they save you time. Professionals on StyleSeat save an average of ten hours a week by allowing clients to book online and automating all of their confirmations and reminders. That means you’ll have an extra ten hours to take appointments or some extra time for a vacation ; )


  • Moving client appointments to your StyleSeat calendar allows you to connect each appointment to a client profile. You can keep detailed records about booking history, client preferences, and formula notes to personalize each appointment.
  • You can even take more specific client notes like upcoming birthdays or important life events. Use your notes to show clients you’re listening, and they’ll continue to book with you.


  • Great reviews build your reputation with potential clients and they encourage regular client to spend more on your business.
  • Every client who’s booked in your StyleSeat calendar will get a receipt after their appointment that encourages them to rate and review you. You’re notified when you have a new review and it will display on your booking page for all potential clients to see.

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