You are in a visual industry and Instagram is the perfect platform to market your business to potential clients — it’s free!

First, you need to create your profile.


  • Creating a theme for your social media assists helps you develop a strong brand. Think about the colors, fonts, and images that you use, and how cohesively works in your feed.
  • Picking a theme for your Instagram will help with planning and organizing your content.
  • How do you know when you created your theme? You should be able to describe your Instagram page in one sentence.
  • A theme makes it easy for popular blogs and publications to add you to “Top 10” lists and other articles. It also helps fans describe you to potential followers.
  • Come up with a memorable name that fits your theme. If you have a business name, use that. If not, names like “The Brow Snob” or “Beauty by Brandy” are catchy and easy to remember.

Examples of good theme:

nailsbyjaja instagram


  • Keep your profile photo consistent across platforms. This makes your profile easily recognizable.
  • The beauty/barber industry is a very personal and social industry. Your profile should always be a photo of yourself. No logos. Clients want to know who they’re booking with.

This is what good bio looks like:

ariana rose instagram


  • You are allowed 150 characters to describe yourself in the bio — make it good.
  • Include key words that people search for in your name (like Natasha Haircut Specialist).
  • Your bio on your booking website should be professional. But, your Instagram bio can be playful : )
  • Have fun with emojis and try line breaks in your bio to keep things clear, and punchy.
  • Add the “Book Now” button to your bio.
  • Include the city you are located in and a description of what followers can expect from your page.

Use it like this:

carley smith instagram


  • Give your account a consistent look; this will help solidify your brand and image.
  • Get your smart phone, find good lighting and shoot some photos.
  • Some of the biggest accounts on Instagram are mostly full of iphone photos.
    • HOT TIP: The trick is good lighting.
    • Natural light is best. Stand by a big window in your salon.
  • No window? Find a good backdrop outside to take your photos. (Brick wall, Graffiti wall)
  • Keep taking photos until you get a good one. HAVE NO SHAME.
  • When you post announcements like last-minute availability and special offers, use apps like Over to add text to photos. Keep your fonts and colors consistent.
  • Although smartphones have great cameras, it’s also nice to add some high-quality photos to give your account a more professional feel.
  • Try using a free editing app like VSCO or RNI Film and using a preset to give all your photos a consistent look and feel. Also, use Remini to sharpen up photos if blurry.
  • If you do services for events, reach out to your client and see if you can get a copy of the event photos.
  • Reach out to photographers in your area and volunteer to do services for photoshoots in exchange for a copy of the photos.

Now that you’ve picked a name, uploaded a profile photo, added a great bio, and picked your theme, it’s time to fill your page with amazing content.

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