All successful Instagram accounts have one thing in common: great content. Filling your account with authentic, interesting, and engaging content is the first step to attracting and growing an audience. You cannot skip this step.

Even if a thousand people follow you overnight, they won’t stick around or engage if your content is boring. You can’t use Instagram to grow your business if your followers aren’t interested.

Here are 5 types of content real stylist/beauty experts use to drive engagement.


Whether you are a makeup artist, a barber, or a colorist, you can use your unique skills to gain exposure with trends.

  • Follow brands, magazines, and influencers who regularly post trending looks so you can stay on top of the game.
  • For example, if you’re a brow specialist and “squiggly brows” are taking over the internet, get in on that action! Try a trending look out on yourself or a volunteer and post it while it’s still a hot topic.
  • Generally, you don’t want to be obnoxious with hashtags in the caption. Three to five hashtags is a standard amount, but, feel free to add more hashtags in the comments.
  • Popular blogs like BuzzFeed regularly repost photos from makeup artists and stylists and they discover content by searching hashtags. For example, if you posted during the “3D nails” trend, you should have used hashtags like: #3Dnails, #jewelednails, #instanails, #nailart, #3Dnaildesigns.
  • Search hashtags in your Instagram search tab to see which tags are the most popular.
  • When searching hashtags, take a look at the reach (amount of posts).  Use a mix of “huge reaches” (with 1 million+ posts), and “smaller reaches” (100k-500k posts) and “targeted reaches” (5k+ posts-15k posts).


  • How-to videos and beauty tutorials are highly searched on Instagram.
  • The next time a potential client searches something like “how to do a formal updo,” make sure you are the first account they find.
  • Make long and short form content (Reels and IGTVs). You can even “Go Live” and live stream your tutorial!
  • Posting instructional videos also shows that you are an expert in your field.
  • Make the most of video content. Try to shoot both videos and photos at the same time. Use videos as Reels (or TikToks) and save the photos as Cover Photos for the Reel or create a post using just the images.
  • Remember to use hashtags!


  • Everyone loves an awesome transformation. The hashtag #beforeandafter has been used over 7.7 million times!
  • Before/afters show potential clients what you’re really capable of and they give new visitors a sense of your style.
  • Line up the before and after photos to create the clearest representation of the change.


Make your Instagram account a valuable source of information for your clients. If you want people to follow you, there has to be something in it for them.

  • Announce specials, new services, and when your calendar is almost full.
  • Post last minute availability to encourage bookings and shows potential clients you are in high demand.
  • Use StyleSeat’s free graphics to promote your specials.
  • Use Canva for free templates to design IG stories and in-feed posts. You can also use Pexels to use royalty free stock images.
  • Client selfies are just as effective as raving reviews.


Client selfies are just as effective as raving reviews.

  • Make it easy for clients to take selfies in your salon. Create a clean space with great lighting that’s always available for photos.
  • Display your social media information so clients are encouraged to tag you.
  • Re-post their photos to your account to show potential clients how happy and satisfied your current clients are.


Instagram is all about image and branding.

  • Reach out to influencers, models, and socialites that represent your particular brand and offer free services.
  • Do you want to be known as the colorist with punk rock style that works with musicians and artist? Make it happen! Reach out to local musicians and artists and offer your services.
  • In the beginning, it’s up to you to create the Instagram page you wish you had — eventually your content will come naturally.

Need a little Branding 101?

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