Braids are the ultimate versatile hair style. They can be formal, sporty, casual, or date-night ready. If you’re not a licensed hair professional, or that one girl at summer camp who could do a french braid with one hand lanyard-ed behind her back, you might need a little help when it comes to DIY braiding. 

Booking virtual face-time with a trusted professional is a great way to master braids step-by-step. If you have a tutorial coming up, here’s what you need to get your braid on. 

Wash or Not 

Your hair type will affect whether or not you should give your mane a wash before getting started. Your best bet here is to talk to your hair pro to get an idea of what kind of prep work you’ll need to do. 

Dry it Off

Braiding wet hair can cause breakage. Try to blow dry or let your hair set in the fresh air before styling. If you’re blow drying, make sure to use heat protecting methods to avoid damaging your locks. 

Comb it Out 

Before braiding, go over your hair with your favorite brush or comb. This will help redistribute the oil from your scalp and give your tresses extra shine. Combs can also be helpful for sectioning out strands for more even weaving. 

Get the Tools

Because braiding requires separating parts of your hair, you’re going to need multiple elastic bands and clips to keep things organized. You want something that has a strong hold without pinching your scalp or pulling out strands. 

Grab a Mirror

Rig a second mirror so you can see your work on the back of your head. If you’re in a pinch, use your phone to snap a pic to spot check. Or, ask a friend to have your back.

Finish with a Spritz

For a sleek shine, top with light hair spray or smooth flyaways with a conditioning oil. Sea salt spray can also be used to give your braid a beachy hold. 

Snooze on Some Silk

Ah silk, a hairdo’s best friend. Wrapping your braid with a silk scarf or sleeping on a silk pillowcase is the best way to ensure your lewk lasts and lasts.

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