Whether you can’t get to the salon or want to prolong your style, we’ve got your back. Follow these five tips to make your braids last longer.

Keep Your Scalp Hydrated

Create a mixture of tea tree oil, lavender, and water to spray onto your scalp daily to keep your base (and your natural hair) cool, calm, and collected. The tea tree oil will handle any bacteria build up and the lavender oil will prevent dandruff and dryness. Plus, keeping your roots hydrated will prevent your natural hair from breaking.

Keep Them Wrapped at Night

Invest in a silk or satin scarf to protect your hair at night. Wrapping your braids will prevent the friction of your bedding from frizzing your braids and keep your scalp from drying out. Plus, protecting your hair at night will prevent puffy roots when your natural hair begins to grow. Want to go the extra mile? Invest in a silk or satin pillowcase too. 

Take Care of Fly-Aways 

Keeping fly-aways under control will help your braids last longer. If you have cutting scissors or hair shears, this is the time to use them. Give any fly-aways a quick trim. But, be sure to note where your natural hair ends and your braided hair begins to avoid cutting your own hair.

Style Carefully

However obvious, it’s important to handle your braids with care. Keeping wear and tear on your braids to a minimum will prevent unnecessary fly-aways, all while protecting your natural hair. Use gentle accessories (protective hair ties, pins etc.) to style your hair and avoid styling tools. instead, opt for styling with your fingers, making sure not to catch your nails on any strands. 

Moisturize Often

Invest in a mousse or leave-in-conditioner to moisturize your braids two to three times a week. Apply your deep conditioner all over and wrap your braids back with a scarf. After an hour you can go in with some oil (grapeseed, almond, coconut you name it) and your braids will be looking fresh again.