As social distancing continues, virtual services have become an integrated part of our 2020 beauty routinue. Taking salon services online creates plenty of opportunities for technical glitches (and awkwardness). Whether it’s a pre-appointment consultation or helping clients learn something new, here’s how top beauty professionals are mastering virtual appointments.

Use a Mannequin

Using a mannequin to walk your client through the process like StyleSeat Pro, Thomas Slonaker, is an easy way to help your client master a technique. When it comes to teaching a bang trim, pull out a hair mannequin and go through the motions step-by-step.

Record Your Session

While you’ve refined your craft for years, clients are typically less experienced when it comes to beauty techniques. Luckily, with a digital appointment, you can record your session to share with your clients for later use — giving them extra time to master their form and giving them self-care content they can play on repeat.

Provide Product Ahead of Time

Many of us have been sheltering-in-place for weeks, giving our hair plenty of time to grow and color to fade. If you’re helping your clients with root touch-ups, consider packaging and delivering the necessary products ahead of time.

You can offer color-kit pick-ups at your salon, like SF color specialist Jessica Sclamberg, or contact-less product drop off to your client’s doorstep. Providing product ahead of time ensures your client has all the tools they need for your virtual appointment. 

Set Up a Clean Connection

Beauty is intimate, to maintain that experience during a video call, make sure you have the right tools and tech in place. Choose a video conferencing app that’s easy to use (like Zoom or Google Hangouts) and make sure all of your necessary tech (laptop, phone, iPad, headphones) is fully charged before your session. You can add a professional element by branding the background of your call with a StyleSeat backdrop.

During times of uncertainty, clients seek out stylists for a bit of solace, sanity, and normalcy. Virtual services are a great way to show up for your clients and provide that outlet of self-care, all while maintaining your health and your business.

Not sure where to start with virtual services? Explore five services you can offer your clients today as well as tips to promote your digital appointments.

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