hile your salon doors may be closed for the time being, you can still support clients and boost revenue with virtual appointments. With professional (and brand-able) video conferencing tools like Zoom, you can meet clients face to face all while maintaining a safe social distance. Whether you’re available for live beauty coaching or pre-appointment consultations, the first step towards boosting your virtual appointment bookings is letting your clients know you’re open for digital business. Explore three ways to promote your virtual appointments.

Update Your Service Menu

Add your available online services to your Service Menu to get your new offerings front and center. You can add a virtual services category to your menu and make any of your existing services video-friendly. Check out how to add virtual appointments to your StyleSeat profile here

Send a Mass Email

You can send a custom mass email out to your client list to notify them of your new virtual offerings. Use your customized email to highlight your new services and link back to your profile for more details. We’ve outlined how to send a custom mass email to all of your clients here

Post on Social

Share your new appointment offerings with your clients (and your entire following) through social media. You can use the following assets to post on your feed or highlight on your stories to let your followers know you’re available for virtual appointments!

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