No matter the pigment, color treated hair requires a little extra love. When you can’t get to your go-to salon due to mandated shut-down? Maintaining your healthy colored hair requires even more attention. Thankfully, we’ve outlined how to maintain your salon hair color at home — without resorting to boxed dye. 

Wash Your Hair Less

Skipping a shampoo every now and then will help your hair retain the natural oils that condition color-treated hair. Use a dry shampoo to tide you over on off days and when you do need to wash your locks, use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. 

Stay Out of the Pool

Chlorine is notorious for stripping color, luster, and shine from color-treated hair. No matter your color, the chemical bleaching agent is guaranteed to leave a mark. If you’re desperate for a dip, use a swimming cap or rinse your hair and apply conditioner (without rinsing it out) before you get in.. 

Avoid a Box Job

You might think a $10 boxed dye will tide you over until you can get back into the salon, but you’ll likely pay 10 times that amount to color correct the damage in the end. Bottom line, just don’t go there. 

Airbrush Your Roots

Instead of reaching for a drug-store dye to maintain your hair color, try a Root Touch Up Spray. Many airbrush products dispense non-permanent, quick-drying powder that lays on top of the hair instantly covering roots and reviving your pigment between appointments. 

Phone a Pro 

If your roots are in need of some serious attention, turn to your professional for help. Reach out to your stylist to see if they offer At-Home Color Kits. Chances are your professional will be able to walk you through the application process step-by-step and provide you with the exact color mix you need to get your roots on point. 

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