We’ve all been having bizarre thoughts lately: “is it worth it to teach grandma how to use Zoom?”, “how much could I get for this yeast on the black market?” and, scariest of all, “should I cut my own hair?”

You’re not alone, even celebs like P!nk have heard the siren’s call of the clippers and as a result the hashtag #coronacuts has taken off. Luckily, you don’t have to go it alone, you can book a virtual haircut with a professional to guide you through the process. So, how does it work? We’ve gathered everything you need to know about virtual haircuts.

What is a Virtual Service?

A virtual service allows you to get step-by-step guidance from a professional without heading to the salon. Hosted over Face-Time or video conferencing tools like Zoom, virtual appointments allow pros to walk you through a beauty service from the comfort of your own home. Think of it like an interactive tutorial catered just for you. Plus, pros can answer questions on the fly and provide insider tips on things you might not think about (like the proper handling of hair tools, cutting techniques, and more).

How Does it Work?

For most services you’ll need to send your stylist a photo of the front, back, right, and left sides of your hair. The stylist will then look at those pictures and help guide your cut via live video. 

What Services are Offered?

If there’s a hair service you’d expect from a salon, there’s likely a digital version of it. Professionals all around the country are offering step-by-step, personalized guides to trimming your own bangs, cutting another person’s hair, coloring roots and more. Caitlin Collentine, a Pro from Wabi Sabi Beauty in San Francisco, was even featured in the New York Times for helping one couple look chic again. 

What Do I Need Beforehand?

For most services you’ll need a set of professional hair scissors or clippers, we don’t recommend settling for kitchen shears or your toddler’s craft scissors. If you’re having trouble finding these products online, hit up a community board like NextDoor and see if a neighbor would be willing to loan you their (sanitized and safely delivered) equipment. You’ll also want a comb and a towel to drape over your shoulders to catch any excess hair. 

How Much Does it Cost?

Depending on the service, these virtual cuts range from $30 to $70 and usually take 20-45 minutes. This will vary depending on the kind of service you want. Also, don’t forget to tip, your stylist will love you for it.

Many professionals are offering virtual haircuts in lieu of regular appointments so it’s a good idea to check and see if your faves are up for a digital get down—NSYNC style. Ready for some digital self-care? Explore 5 virtual services you can book on StyleSeat — without leaving your couch.

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