Miss your stylist? Us too. With social distancing in full swing, we’re entering the age of digital self-care. Luckily, our tech-friendly era has the tools we need to connect even when we can’t meet face to face. Digital beauty appointments provide a futuristic way for us to get our beauty fix and support with the stylists we love. From virtual cuts to step-by-step color treatments, here are 5 virtual services you can book on StyleSeat.

1 — Virtual Hair Cut

Whether it’s your own bangs or a partner’s awkward shag, sometimes a haircut just can’t wait. Luckily, hair professionals are ready and able to help our novice (and shaky) hands with the shears. You can book a one on one virtual tutorial with a stylist and have them guide you step by step through an at-home trim. Often times a pro will use a mannequin to demonstrate exactly how to section and cut your hair. Want to peep a test run? Check out StyleSeat’s CEO Melody McCloskey cut her husband’s hair with guidance from Step The Barber.

2 — Beauty Shelf Review

Have a lifetime of beauty products gathering dust on your bathroom shelf? Or maybe you want to know how to best pair your products for your makeup or skin-care routine. A virtual product haul will help you organize and optimize your top shelf (and your bottom shelf — aka the not so Instagram worthy products). San Francisco stylist, Caitlin Collentine will help you Mari-Kondo your beauty shelf to bring you peace of mind.

3 — Styling Lesson

We all have that one beauty tool we bought per the hot recommendation of an influencer or a late-night infomercial that we simply can’t figure out. Whether it’s a rotating blow dryer or a curling wand with detachable barrels, after many failed attempts it ultimately ends up under our sinks silently mocking us. With a virtual styling lesson, you can enlist help from a professional to help you master said tool or any beauty techniques you’ve set out to conquer. From the perfect cat eye to complex braids, a virtual allows you to bring your stylist into your space for 1:1 guidance. Think of it as a live youtube tutorial where you can ask questions, regroup, and have it personalized just for you.

4 — Virtual Consult

For those services that can’t be attempted outside of the sacred walls of a salon, now is a great time to take care of virtual consults. Even if you want to get a second opinion on the look you’re eyeing post quarantine, a virtual consult is a great time to bounce ideas off a stylist. Plus, with a discovery consult you can assess whether you vibe with a stylist and align with their vision before booking.

5 — Color Touchup

You know the saying, $15 box dye isn’t worth a $300 color correction? Well, now you have. During this time we’re all uncovering what color our natural hair really is, but it’s always best to leave permanent color adjustments to the professionals. If you’re desperate to cover up emerging grays or can’t bare another Zoom meeting without addressing your roots, book a virtual color appointment. Your colorist will know exactly what color mix you need to tide you over until you can get back into the salon. Many pros even offer contact-less product drop offs at home — giving you a customized color-kit with all goodies you need for an at-home dye job. Plus, with a step-by-step virtual walk-through of application you’ll be in good hands.

Ready to dip your toe in the pool of virtual beauty possibilities? Check out 10 top stylists offering virtual appointments and browse all virtual services on StyleSeat.

Womens Cut
Womens Cut