Looking for a few tips to take your business to the next level? Who better to ask then some of Chicago’s top booked professionals. These stylists and barbers are all about building client loyalty and their fully booked schedules are proof that investing in client experience pays off. See what they do to go above and beyond for clients and check out their reviews to see why clients can’t get enough.

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John has been a licensed cosmetologist for over seventeen years — he’s seen trends come and go. But, according to him, there’s one thing that remains consistent: clients’ desire for healthy hair. As a healthy hair guru, it’s his mission to leave clients with the best version of themselves. His top priority is protecting his clients’ hair during their appointments. In fact, his silk press skills are so good, he got to show them off in a Beauty Insider video that now has almost two million views!

  • Years in the business: I’ve been in the industry for 21 years and working independently for 17 years.
  • Passionate about: I am passionate about the health of your hair and giving you the information necessary to maintain your hair in between appointments.
  • Pro Tip: My best advice about running a business is to be consistent and have great customer service.
  • Wackiest client request: The wackiest request from a client was if they could get a jheri curl and relaxer in the same service and be blond. Lol I can’t make this up!
  • Review: “Ok so listen here! This was my first time going to John and I am SO pleased! I have had my share of natural hair stylist and since I tried out another you can pretty much assume those didn’t work! I went to John for a trim and silk press and he did a great job. Not only is he skilled in his work but he communicates with you every step of the way!”

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In Chicago, Nichole is known as the “Brow Queen.” She specializes in everything from eyelash extensions to Brazilian waxing but her brow services are what make her stand out from the crowd. She helps her clients set brow goals, understand their brow structure, and set a plan to achieve the brows of their dreams. Her clients love her perfect mix of professionalism and personality and she’s got a whopping five hundred and twenty-two reviews to prove it ; )

  • Years in the business: Eleven.
  • Passionate about: Professionalism, client satisfaction, and perfecting my craft.
  • Pro Tip: Integrity is a must.
  • Wackiest client request: Someone once asked to keep the wax strips from her bikini wax to create an art piece for her boyfriend.
  • Review: “I really love my eyebrows. This was the first time I had someone explain to me the structure of my eyebrows before aching them. Nichole explained where she wanted to see my hair grow back and how long she thinks before we get my eyebrows there. She is the only person I’ll trust with my eyebrows from now on.” —  Sharon A.

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According to one of her clients, “If you’re going to wear a weave, wear it right. Tokie is the only stylist who keeps my weave tight.” Tokila is the owner of “Dollhouse Salon” and she is the master of client loyalty. She’s made client satisfaction her number one priority and it hasn’t gone unnoticed. Her clients rave about how well she listens, how she educates them on products and techniques, and how confident she makes them feel after each appointment.

  • Years in the business: I got my license in 2001.
  • Passionate about: I am most passionate about my clients. I always treat my clients like they are stockholders. I listen to their hair care requests, advise them on the best plan of action for their hair, and then I execute. When they are happy, they buy more stock, meaning they will invest by allowing me to do their hair over and over again.
  • Pro Tip: Most stylists would rather let a client walk out and never return to their shop, rather than fix what made the client unhappy. Nine times out of ten you aren’t just losing one client. You are losing a lifetime of recommendations that client could have made to you. You then gain an unhappy client that will discourage people from coming to your salon. You have to strive for client happiness.
  • Wackiest client request: I once had a client who was in hospice care. One of her last requests was for me to come and do her hair. I went to the facility thinking I would be experiencing a somber and sad moment but my client was in good spirits and while I did her hair, we laughed and talked like it was old times. When I left, she smiled in the mirror at her hair and she told me that when she passed, she would be my Guardian Angel. I was moved. It was not so much wacky as it was special to me.
  • Review: “Tokie is the business! I found her on StyleSeat not knowing what to expect. But boy was I in for a surprise! Not only is she a great stylist but she goes above and beyond for her clients. As a new client, she made me feel welcomed and did an amazing job with my hair! She’s my new stylist and I’m very happy! Thank you Tokie!” – Ashley P.

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Arkebe has become a staple in his community. He welcomes all men, women, and children in his shop and there isn’t a texture or style he can’t work with. He takes time to educate his young clients on the importance of grooming and he knows exactly how to make even the squirmiest of three-year-olds feel comfortable in his chair. He’s versatile, detail oriented, and he’s one of the most respected barbers on the Northside of Chicago.

  • Years in the business: I began cutting hair as a teenager and as far as I can remember my passion for being a barber started from a family owned business and watching my father cut hair.
  • Passionate about: My customers are the reason I work long hours and they keep me motivated to continue working hard.
  • Pro Tip: Never start or attempt to run a business if you have no passion for it.
  • Wackiest client request: A client once ask me if I do hair implants.
  • Review: “I’ve been a client of Ark for seven years. He’s always professional & Phat Fades is a staple in the community, all of the barbers there do an excellent job of taking care of their client requests/needs to the best of their ability which is why I will not go anywhere else for a cut. ” – Rickey D

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Nanda is a lash expert with some serious skincare skills. Her key to success? Creating an amazing client experience. Her spa environment is the perfect relaxing getaway clients look forward to all week. They say Nanda is able to transform their skin, leaving them glowing and energized — some clients even say they leave feeling like a completely new person. Her lash services, however, are her real claim to fame. She’s mastered the art of full gorgeous lashes with a natural feel. The way Nanda sees it, “Who doesn’t want to wake up every morning looking like a Disney princess?”

  • Years in the business: I’ve been on my own now for 7 years in September.
  • Passionate about: Lashes. I just love them. There’s no better feeling than making someone happy with immediate results.
  • Pro Tip: Be yourself, communicate well, and respond quickly. People like to help others, and your business should be made up of referrals if you want to be successful. If you have fans, you’ll never have to pay for advertising again!
  • Wackiest client request: Oh geez.  The wackiest request was prob from my glitter obsessed duo, that wanted rhinestones put on their lashes for NYE.  Actually turned out great!
  • Review: “Nanda is just the best when it comes to facials. I’ve gone to her for over 3 years now and am hooked. She also did my lashes prior to my wedding and they were amazing. I would highly recommend her!” – Kelly Arroyo

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