Finding the perfect barber, weave specialist, makeup artist, or wax specialist, can be a challenge; we’re here to help. StyleSeat is interviewing some of our top performing professionals across the nation to learn what makes them stand out from the rest. Below, you’ll find a list of some of Tampa’s most booked, highest rated, and overall most impressive stylists.

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KoKo is known for her “fade magic”. She keeps her clients looking fresh with “shapes that are so on-point, they stay fly even in the rough stages too.” Clients who live hours away continue to book with Koko due to her attention to detail, professionalism, and fun personality.

  • Years in the business: Eight
  • Passionate about: I’m most passionate about service. I believe in running a great business, which has to come first.
  • Pro Tip: My advice to anyone who wants to start a business is, make sure you treat your customers with care and always make them feel like the truly matter!!!
  • Wackiest client request: Ummmmm I haven’t had one yet, but I’m sure I will soon!
  • Review: “I went to Koko and said “hook me up”. She said, ‘okay’ and proceeded to give me the best haircut I’ve ever received” – Larry S.

Instagram: @kokodabarber

Ivana is the owner of Chateau Blanc Lash & Beauty Lounge and specializes in Eyelash Extensions, Airbrush Makeup, Full Body Waxing , Organic Spray Tan, Organic Facials, and Body treatments. On her StyleSeat profile, you’ll find several rave reviews from Ivana’s first-time clients. Getting waxed for the first time can be an awkward and slightly scary experience, but Ivana knows how to make her clients feel comfortable.

  • Years in the business: Five
  • Passionate about: Making women and men feel beautiful has always been a special mission for me. Ever since I can remember, I wanted to apply makeup on anyone I could get my hands on. I even gave my mom avocado facials as a child. It’s been in me as long as I can remember!
  • Pro Tip: When it comes to starting your own business, don’t be afraid to take risks. It may be one of the hardest and most uncomfortable things you will do, but once you make that leap, you will be so thankful you did. Be vigilant towards your dreams and make them a reality.
  • Wackiest client request: Around Christmas time, a client decided she was going to do a Full Brazilian, but with a twist. She asked me if it was possible to create a Christmas tree pattern with her hair! Needless to say, I executed … but not without a few laughs first.
  • Review: “Ivana immediately made me feel comfortable. This was my first Brazilian, and I was a nervous wreck going in. She talked my nerves down, and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. She worked quickly. I’ll be back!” – Temarah F.

Instagram: @chateaublanclashandbeauty

Tasha’s ability to transform dry lifeless hair into silky bouncy tresses has earned her the nickname “The Hair Doctor.” She owns and operates Adube Plaza, and her clients love the bright and beautiful atmosphere almost as much as they love Tasha’s passion for healthy beautiful hair.

  • Years in the business: 20
  • Passionate about: I’m passionate about making my clients feel beautiful and confident.
  • Pro Tip: The one piece of advice I would give about running a great business is to focus on great customer service.
  • Wackiest client request: The wackiest request from a client was to follow her around at all times to make sure her hair was always “on point.”
  • Review: “I love Tasha Mather. She is a beautiful person inside and out! Her passion for beautification is exemplified through her work! You will get out of her chair feeling like a new woman. She not only wants her client’s hair to look good, but to be healthy as well! I also love the positive energy that flows through the salon. There is no gossiping or foul language – just good vibes and good laughs!” – Kay S.

Instagram: @salonadube

Cici specializes in mink eyelash extensions, and her work has converted even the most serious skeptics into lash lovers. Her dedication to beautiful lashes that look natural has gained her many loyal clients who insist, “Cici is the only one who can touch [their] lashes.”

  • Years in the business: 5
  • Passionate about: I’m very passionate about helping women feel beautiful and more confident. I cater to my clients so they leave feeling uplifted, pampered and more beautiful. I provide food, wine, drinks, and snacks for my clients on a daily basis. I want them to feel at home.
  • Pro Tip: Always provide great customer service, fix your mistakes, and make sure your clients are happy every time they leave your salon. Communicate with them so you learn what they do and don’t like. This industry is competitive, don’t ever feel like you learned it all. Continue to improve and keep up with current trends.
  • Wackiest client request: The number one wackiest thing has to be those extra long glitter rainbow lashes. That was the craziest set of lashes I’ve ever done.
  • Review: “I have been going to Ms. Cici for over a year and I am always pleased with my lashes. I get so many compliments and my lashes look so natural. She is so sweet, professional and a great friend!!! It is indeed worth the time and the price. You will not be disappointed!!! Thanks again and I will be booking soon!” – Shaheedra J.

Instagram: @ilash_inail
Facebook: Lash Dollz LLC

Christina specializes in natural weaving and flawless extensions. Clients are often surprised by her ability to work quickly and still get the job done perfectly. Her speed and precision is only matched by her ability to protect and care for her clients’ natural hair as well. As one client put it, “She cares about your hair ladies, she’s not going to just slap some weave on your head.”

  • Years in the business: 2
  • Passionate about:  Providing clients with more than just an appointment, but an experience!
  • Pro Tip: Consistency.
  • Wackiest request from a client: Ummmm it’s not that wacky but a client suggested I create a waiting list because I’m always really booked! Lol
  • Review: “She is amazing! Super quick and efficient, I’m pretty sure I blinked and half of my head was done. Your hair is definitely in good hands if you’re booking with Christina. I’d recommend her to anyone looking for a great quality hair do!” – Chitarra L.

Instagram: @nina_nicole16

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