We’re making our way across the country in search of some of our top performing stylists. Below, we have five stand-out individuals who are making a name for themselves in the beauty and barber industry one fade, facial, and “face beat” at a time.

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Jamesica’s talents have earned her the nickname, “Clipper Queen.” She specializes in men’s fine grooming, including precision haircuts, straight razor shaves, eyebrow arching, and skin care. Although she was voted DFW’s #1 lady barber, her clients often comment on how humble and down to earth, she is. Her goal is to make all her clients look and feel confident and she makes sure to give everyone the star treatment.

  • Years in the business: 5
  • Passionate about: I’m most passionate about seeing that smile when I give my clients the mirror, and seeing that boost of confidence from their service.
  • Pro Tip: In order to run a great business, you have to be passionate about it.
  • Wackiest client request: I’ve yet to receive a wacky request.
  • Review: “Definitely will be back! This was my first time coming to her and I’m always nervous about new barbers. She was very down to Earth and made me feel comfortable right away. Even though she is one of the best barbers in Dallas, she didn’t have a cocky attitude like some barbers do. Very nice person and extremely talented.” —  Jst T.

Profile: www.styleseat.com/clipper_queen

Instagram: @clipper_queen

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jamesica.price

Twitter: https://twitter.com/clipper_queen

“Raris,” which is Latin for “uncommon,” is not only the name of Natasha’s salon, but it defines the experience you will receive in her chair. She specializes in customized maintenance for clients that are natural or transitioning from relaxers. During every consultation, Natasha encourages her clients to be open about their concerns and desires for their hair so they can come up with a clear goal to achieve the healthiest results possible.

  • Years in the business: I’ve been in business for myself in Dallas for almost 5 years.
  • Passionate about: I am passionate about healthy and well shaped hair. I enjoy styling hair, but it’s all about the cut and foundation of the hair.
  • Pro Tip: Always make your client the priority when they are there to receive a service with you. I believe it’s important that the client has your undivided attention during their appointment.
  • Wackiest client request: It’s a Texas phrase but, the wackiest request that I have received was from a gentleman who said, “Give me the business in the front with a party in the back!” If you are from Texas you know that’s a mullet.
  • Review: “At Raris, Ms. Natasha invites you into an environment that is very peaceful, relaxing, and the conversation is healing and filled with laughter and deep insight. She cares deeply about the health of your hair and scalp. She gives pointers and is eager to investigate or try out new/different products that you show interest in. She gives her honest thoughts on the products as well. She’s a great person to be around. Love her spirit. ” — Lakeshia T.

Profile: https://www.styleseat.com/m/book/v/natashaclayton2

Instagram:  @rarishair

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/clayton.natasha

Carlos has been in the barber business for twenty years and above all, he believes in hard work and determination. Many of his clients refuse to settle for any other barber, “I drive 45 minutes just to have peace-of-mind knowing my cut will be perfect every time. There’s never even a need to look in the mirror once he’s done.”

  • Years in the business: 20
  • Passionate about: As a barber, I like to be a great example for everyone. I love to make clients comfortable, I love being creative, convenient, reliable, precise and timely.
  • Pro Tip: One of the best things about running a great business is being disciplined, punctual, courteous, professional, consistent and humble.
  • Wackiest client request: A client wanted me to dye his mustache pink and his beard yellow due to a bet he lost with his cousin
  • Review: “Punctual, professional, polite and an awesome atmosphere. I have already booked my next appointment. At 56 Y/O it was my best barbershop experience yet! ” –Steven R.

Profile: www.styleseat.com/carlosandregray

Instagram: @carlosandregray

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CutsbyCarlos/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/cutsbycarlos?lang=en

Cymone refers to her clients as “queens” and treats them accordingly. Her Instagram feed is full of incredible client makeover photos, but to get the full effect of the glitter and glam, we recommend you check out her video clips too. Every look is unique and captures the personal beauty of each of her subjects – she has even moved some of her clients to tears with her transformative skills.

  • Years in the business: 2
  • Passionate about: There is nothing better than making by clients feel better about themselves. My passion in life is making people feel beautiful.
  • Pro Tip: The best way to build your brand and encourage clients to return is to focus on customer service. Your clients spread the word about you, they will remember how you treated them.
  • Wackiest client request: I once had someone ask me to give them glittery “crown shaped” eyeshadow.
  • Review: “She had me looking and feeling flawless. I will be booking with her again for my engagement party in a couple weeks! Yep” — Danielle D.

Profile: https://www.styleseat.com/m/book/v/cymonemua

Instagram:  @cymonebeatsfaces

Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/symone.jeffery?ref=bookmarks

Christian started cutting hair in Oak Cliff, a suburb of Dallas, and moved to the city to start his own shop in 2011. Knowing only one person in Dallas, Christian dedicated his time to expanding his business and grew his clientele to over four hundred and counting. He now owns two shops, “The Kings Club” and “Members Only” which made national news for a controversial mural he painted on the exterior.

  • Years in the business: 11
  • Passionate about: My passion is making people feel good about themselves and creating looks they didn’t know they could achieve.
  • Pro Tip: Be consistent, show up when you say you will, and have great conversations with people. It’s more than just a haircut; you are building long term relationships.
  • Wackiest client request: A guy trying to impress his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day asked me to carve her name into his head with a rose, only to find out she hated it and had him cut it off the next day.
  • Review: “Chris is a true professional, easy to talk to, smart, and understands his client’s needs quickly while paying attention to detail and making sure everything is accounted for during his work. Highly recommended!” — Josh K.

Profile: www.styleseat.com/kingsclub

Instagram:  @christianavantihair@thekingsclub@membersonlybarbers

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