In a playful blend of humor and academic rigor, we’re on a quest to answer a seemingly frivolous yet intriguing question: Where are Earth’s most beautiful people born? And do they follow or set fashion and beauty trends?

Analyzing Google search data, we identified the 500 people Americans find the “hottest.” Our list of famously beautiful people spans the last century, including those known for acting, music, sports, modeling, politics, and business. 

Read on to discover the unexpected hotspots where beauty seems to flourish.

Key Findings

  • The U.S. areas that birth the most beautiful celebs are D.C., Delaware, and New York.
  • The hottest people abroad are born in Bermuda, Barbados, and Guyana.
  • Billie Eillish, Ariana Grande, and Taylor Swift are the most beautiful musicians.

United States of Good Looks

The United States has long been a melting pot of talent, beauty, and charisma. Our survey crowns Washington, D.C., Delaware, and New York as the top three “hottest” U.S. locations.

D.C., despite its small geographical footprint, comes in strong. Its position as the nation’s capital, with a vibrant cultural landscape, appears to have been instrumental in birthing attractive celebrities. Names like Katherine Heigl, Bella Hadid, and Whitney Cummings originate from here, showcasing a diversity of talent that spans acting, modeling, and comedy.

The second spot goes to Delaware, a state not traditionally associated with celebrity glamor. However, its proximity to large cultural centers like New York and Philadelphia might be a catalyst for the rise of talents such as Aubrey Plaza and Elena Delle Donne. 

New York, along with California, are predictable entrants, given their reputations as the epicenters of the entertainment industry. Home to Broadway and Hollywood respectively, these states have been responsible for churning out a multitude of renowned celebrities including Alexandra Daddario and Cardi B.

The Countries Hotties Hail From

As we continue our exploration of the world’s hottest celebrities and where they hail from, we turn our attention to the international scene. Surprisingly, the top three countries on this list aren’t the usual entertainment powerhouses, but rather, the stunning locales of Bermuda, Barbados, and Guyana.

Bermuda, a picturesque island known for its pink-sand beaches, takes the top spot. Hailing from this tropical paradise is Lena Headey, an accomplished actress admired for her portrayal of strong, beautiful, and captivating characters. Her performances, especially as Cersei Lannister in Game of Thrones, have earned her recognition and admiration worldwide.

Next on our list falls Barbados and Guyana, both vibrant Caribbean countries. From Barbados hails the indomitable Rihanna, a global music sensation and entrepreneur who has left an enduring mark on the entertainment industry. 

countries that hot celebrities hail from

Global “Hot” Spots

Three distinctive locations emerge at the top of our global list of “hot” spots: American Samoa, Bermuda, and Washington, D.C. These regions, each with its unique cultural and geographical characteristics, demonstrate that hotness knows no borders.

American Samoa, a U.S. territory nestled in the heart of the Pacific, comes in first place. This tropical haven is the birthplace of Tulsi Gabbard, a charismatic and influential politician who served in the U.S. House of Representatives from 2013 to 2021. Gabbard’s leadership qualities, combined with her powerful presence, contribute to her overall attractiveness. 

Bermuda, with its tranquil island vibe, and Washington D.C., bustling with its fast-paced, urban lifestyle, rank second and third, respectively, making their marks again. These contrasting locations beautifully illustrate how hotness can manifest across different spectrums of geography and lifestyle.

Guyana, on the other hand, is the home country of Letitia Wright, a rising star known for her performances in films like Black Panther and Ready Player One. These two nations, while distinct in culture and geography, share a common thread of being the birthplace of extraordinary and beautiful talent.


Hottest Celebs by Category

Celebrity allure and attractiveness span a wide array of fields, from traditional glamor sectors like acting and modeling, to the arenas of politics and business. This diversity underscores the fact that hotness is not confined to just physical appearance but often extends to factors such as charisma, intelligence, and leadership qualities.

In the acting sphere, names like Scarlett Johansson, Emma Watson, and Millie Bobby Brown are celebrated not just for their looks, but for their talent and compelling characters they bring to life on screen. Music, another traditionally glamorous field, features stars like Billie Eillish, Taylor Swift, and Selena Gomez. Their musical prowess and unique personal styles contribute significantly to their attractiveness.

In the world of modeling, figures like Kylie Jenner and Emily Ratajkowski epitomize physical beauty, but their entrepreneurial endeavors and social influence add another dimension to their hotness. 

Sports personalities such as Gina Carano and McKalya Maroney demonstrate that athleticism and competitive spirit can be integral components of hotness, while internet sensations like Addison Rae and Charli D’Amelio represent a new generation of celebrities, whose relatability and digital savviness make them appealing to a wide audience.

Stand-up comedians like Nikki Glaser and Sarah Silverman are proof that humor and wit are attractive qualities, while political figures like Sanna Marin and Justin Trudaeu show us that leadership and intelligence can be just as captivating.

Finally, in the business sector, our one and only figure, Elon Musk, stands out. 

We Should See Her in a Crown

Topping our list as the number one hottest celebrity overall, is none other than Billie Eilish. Eilish has become a global sensation not just for her musical talent but also for her unique fashion style and vibrant hair colors.

Ranking closely behind Eilish are Scarlett Johansson and Emma Watson. From Johansson’s roles in popular Marvel movies like Black Widow, to Watson’s sophisticated style and British charm in Disney films such as Beauty and the Beast, each of these celebrities bring something different to the table that make them attractive.

One of the most notable ties in this list is the tie for sixth spot, with Margo Robbie, Brie Larson, Ariana Grande, and more sharing the rank. Swifties, in particular, will likely revel in the fact that Taylor Swift, though she is also in the tie for sixth, holds the 13th overall spot in the ranking, a number synonymous with the singer.

Let’s Talk About Gender

While exploring the notion of celebrity hotness, it’s important to address the gender imbalance observed throughout our study. The majority of celebrities mentioned so far have been female, reflecting societal tendencies to focus more on women’s appearances. However, it’s equally intriguing to delve into which male celebrities are making waves with their beauty, according to Google search volume.

Topping the list is Harry Styles, the British musician known for his one-of-a-kind fashion sense, riveting music, and charming personality. He’s followed closely by Chris Evans, celebrated for his roles in popular Marvel films like Captain America, and James Charles, a makeup artist and prominent internet personality. 

In fourth place is Ryan Reynolds, known for his comedic wit and successful acting career. He’s followed by Evan Peters,Timothée Chalamet, and Shawn Mendes. These young talents, each with their unique styles and accomplishments, are shaping the current perception of male attractiveness. 

Finally, the eighth spot is shared by Adam Driver, known for his profound acting roles, Johnny Depp, a veteran in the industry with an edgy style, and Justin Bieber, a music sensation with global appeal. Each of these men, despite their diverse backgrounds and styles, contribute to the broad spectrum of male attractiveness. 


Our quest to uncover the origins of the most beautiful humans has taken us on a journey across the globe, from the bustling streets of New York to the tranquil beaches of Bermuda. We discovered that “hotness” is not bound by geography; instead, it thrives in an array of locations, proving that attractiveness and allure are truly international phenomena that takes on many forms.

As we reflect on these findings, we’re reminded of the mission of StyleSeat, a platform that allows you to find a stylist who celebrates beauty and self-expression in all its forms. StyleSeat’s mission is simple but imperative: to connect individuals with stylists who appreciate and enhance all forms of beauty, regardless of where it comes from or how it’s expressed. 


We designed this study under the premise that when people search “<celebrity name> hot,” they are looking for hot pictures of them and already find them attractive, which means high search volume signifies that many people find that celebrity hot.

We started with a list of more than 1,500 famous people from film/TV, music, sports, politics, business and fashion. Then we measured search volume for those people across a four-year period, from 2019 to 2023; we focused our analysis on the 500 people with the most search volume. We then determined where each of the 500 famous people were born.

We counted the number of “hot” famous people born in each U.S. location or country, and divided that by the population of that geographical area in 1990 (roughly around the time the average person on the list was born).

Footnote on “10 U.S. Locations That Birth the Hottest Celebrities:” one of the 500 people on our list, politician Tulsi Gabbard, was born in America Samoa, a U.S. territory with an extremely small population (less than 50,000 people). We did not consider this a fair comparison to states with many millions of people so we excluded her from the analysis for this portion of the study.

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