New year, new ‘do? When it’s time for a hair refresh, many of us look to celebrities for style inspiration. We search online for our favorite looks, take a screenshot or two, and then ask our stylists to work their magic. Whether you’re checking out Zendaya’s new bob or Harry Styles’s latest (ahem) style, people are constantly searching for the latest looks as well as tips on how to style the newest trends in hair. 

To see what celebrity hair reigns supreme, we analyzed Google search volume nationwide and by state. We looked into over 100 notable examples of celebrity hair and then pared our list to the 30 most popular. We’ve gathered our results below so you know who’s leading the hair trends across the country — and where you live.

Key Findings

  • Perhaps surprisingly, 7 of the top 10 most popular heads of hair belong to men.
  • According to search volume, Jennifer Aniston has the most popular celebrity hair overall. 
  • Justin Bieber, Chris Hemsworth, Brad Pitt, and Harry Styles round out the top 5 most popular celebrity hairstyles.

The Most Searched Celebrity Hair in Every U.S. State 

While the most popular celebrity hair varies by state, a few big names tend to command the rankings. Kim Kardashian — undoubtedly one of the most famous faces in the world — tops the charts in her home state of California. Perhaps due to her iconic Marilyn Monroe look at the 2022 Met Gala, which had her going platinum blonde, she also leads the field in other warm-weather locales, including Arizona, Florida, and Hawaii, to name a few. 

most searched celebrity hairstyles by state

Fans like to keep tabs on Billie Eliish’s evolving aesthetic, as her hair is the most searched in 8 states. Zendaya has the most popular hairstyles in 4 states, dominating Google searches in the South. Although Beyonce doesn’t make the state-level list when looking at both genders, she has the most searched hair in D.C. of all female celebrities.  

Most Searched Celebrity Hair by Region

The East Coast likes edgy, if the region’s Google preferences are any indication. Despite being a native Californian, Billie Eilish’s ever-changing tresses topped celebrity hair searches in the Northeast. In the Midwest, Eilish tied for most searched with another funky fashionista: Miley Cyrus. Kim Kardashian took control in the West and Zendaya prevailed in the South. Although celebrity men were plenty popular nationwide, not one made the most searched list by region. 

most searched celebrity hairstyles by region

Most Coveted Celebrity Hair Overall by National Search Volume

Although her name doesn’t top any local lists, one beloved celebrity blows the competition out of the water in the country as a whole. The undisputed leader in hair by national search volume is none other than Jennifer Aniston. America’s hair sweetheart was joined in the top 5 by Justin Bieber, Chris Hemsworth, Brad Pitt, and Harry Styles.

most searched celebrity hairstyles by search volume

Selena Gomez and Timothee Chalamet also have solid nationwide rankings, but don’t come in highly on state-by-state searches. Ariana Grande and her high ponytail appear in the top 15 national searches, but surprisingly don’t get much love on the state level.

Perhaps the biggest shock of all? A large majority (70%)  of the top hair searches belong to male celebrities. Of course we don’t know whether most of those searches are motivated by inspiration or admiration, or perhaps a little bit of both. 


So if you need some hair inspo to change up your look, go ahead and Google that celebrity whose style you’ve always admired. It’s clear you aren’t the only one searching! If you’d like some help achieving your hair goals, connect with a local stylist through StyleSeat

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