When you hear the word “luxury,” you may think expensive or exclusive. You may even question whether you have the funds to indulge in such opulence. Well, now you can experience luxurious beauty services more often with StyleSeat!

We have partnered with Klarna to offer a Book Now, Pay later option so you can book beauty and wellness services, spread out the costs, and not worry about a big bill.

Need some ideas for your next StyleSeat appointment? Elevate your next salon experience with these must-have beauty services.

Hair Color

Hair Color and Style by Jael Pettigrew

We love eye-catching hair colors, especially fashion colors turquoise and fuchsia and warm balayage in shades of caramel and chocolate.and balayage. Hair color can emphasize your beautiful features and personal style. 

Jael Pettigrew, hair colorist and owner of Cut Colored and Crowned, offers various color services while specializing in balayage. She prides herself on giving her clients the results they want while keeping their hair healthy. Jael’s hair color services range in price from $300 to $450. 

During a consultation with your hair color professional, don’t be afraid to share how often you’re willing to return for maintenance because this will affect the selection of hair color. Pettigrew explains that if you plan to come only twice a year, you should avoid a hair color that requires extra maintenance than a client who visits more often. 

Hair Color and Style by Jael Pettigrew

Another hair color service that ranges in price is highlights due to the amount of foil used. If you’re looking to achieve a particular hair color like red or blonde, you will be relieved to know the coloring process usually determines the price. 

While Jael provides her services, she creates a relaxing environment by adding aromatherapy to treatments. She explains, “My clients are willing to pay those prices for the luxury services because they can actually say this experience is completely different than any other time they have been in a salon.”

Braids, Twists, and Locs

Braids, twists, and dreadlocks services are investment styles due to the technique, duration of styling and the costs. “The average price of braids, twists, and locs can vary depending on the location, state, and city. Here in Los Angeles, I’d say the average price of braids and twists are around $300,” according to Erinn Courtney, licensed cosmetologist and celebrity hairstylist. “The price can increase due to size and length. The longer your requested style takes, the more expensive you can expect it to be. A stylists’ time is money.” These styles can take anywhere from two to eight hours or longer for installation alone. 

When finding a skilled braider or loctician, seeking a professional that will comfortably accommodate you is essential. Due to the installation time, Erinn creates a relaxing environment in her private 1500-square-foot studio with a friendly greeting by her assistant and immediate start of service. She also entertains with her projector and provides snacks for clients due to the lengthy appointment time. “Luxury means that the experience is comfortable and up to the standard of expectation. It means that you receive the level of service you pay for when spending more than it would cost on average.”

Natural Hair

You could never go wrong with any natural hairstyle. The rod set is a go-to style for many StyleSeat clients that will look great, regardless of length or texture. So what’s the average price of a rod set for natural hair? 

Dominique Atkinson, hairstylist and owner of La Fleur Studio, starts her services at $90. She explains that hair texture and technique both play a factor in the overall service cost. “Say you have someone that has more loose curl pattern, or finer hair, it’s easier for you to get your grip and wrap the hair around the rod versus someone who has really coily hair or really curly hair,” says Dominique. She adds that some of her clients prefer to have a blow-out with the rod service to ease the process. To wrap up the styling session, the client will have to sit under the dryer until the hair dries completely, which can vary in time and affect the cost as well. 

The beauty of a rod service is the versatility of hairstyles and long-lasting capability. Your rod set can look fresh between two to four weeks with proper care. Some clients love when this style gets older due to additional volume or more elongation of curls. 

Dominique also offers a silk press, starting at $120 that keeps her clients coming back, and this includes a thorough cleansing and conditioning process to ensure lightweight and flowy results.

But the beauty professional also plays a role in finishing and longevity, resulting in a luxurious service. Dominique takes her time with her natural hair services by selecting quality products catered to the client’s needs. She provides treatments for hair health, including steaming, and executes with the best techniques leading to shiny results and delighted clients. “When someone is taking their time, that is luxury.”


Haircuts are a service where the sky’s the limit, and the options are endless. StyleSeat professionals ensure that you always leave the chair feeling your best, which is why a haircut will always be worth it.

Rimmy Sparkles starts hair cutting services at $80. However, the duration of the services and the amount of detail performed may cause a price increase. “I don’t charge based on length or thickness or anything like that, it’s just based on what services are being added to your style,” says Rimmy. She explains that a service that takes her close to two hours varies in price than one that consumes 45 minutes of her time. Rimmy even offers a New Client Package that allows extra one-on-one time to assist with a healthy hair regimen. 

Rimmy recommends visiting her chair four times a year for hair maintenance, usually when the season changes to ensure your ends are in tip-top shape. However, if your haircuts are weekly self-care, or if you have a high-maintenance cut, she has clients that visit her more frequently. Repeated salon visits can increase your monthly expenses, becoming a luxury treat. However, with every visit, you should feel confident that the service was totally worth it. “With a new haircut or a new color, or a steam treatment or simply getting your hair styled, it exudes luxury and exudes sparkle.”


Ooh la la! Luscious lashes can make you feel glam every day, allowing you to look fabulous with minimal effort. Melody Amirkhanian of Lashes with Melody shares that the average price of a lash service can range between $70 and $200. What causes that range? She explains, “So with extensions, there’s what we call classic lashes, which are individual extensions that are applied to each individual natural lash so that it creates a look that’s as full as the person’s natural lashes are. Then it ranges to a hybrid, and the volume with a hybrid is a mix between the individual extensions and volume extensions. The volume is multi-stranded, so it creates a fuller look. Volume is just full volume, all multi-standard extensions on natural lashes, which creates a really full look.” 

It doesn’t stop there. The variety of lengths and volume options that you can achieve with lashes can be time-consuming, causing the price to increase. Lash technicians have to prep the lashes and master their technique to give clients their desired look. Melody explains that her fans are all handmade, which can be tedious, creating a dimension that makes each set look unique. 

However, once you start eyelash extensions, it can be challenging to stop due to the high maintenance. So returning every three weeks is a sweet spot for Melody’s clients. In addition, she provides them with best practices for at-home maintenance, including recommending a lash bath to cleanse lashes daily. 

With access to top hair colorists, braiders, nail techs, and natural hair experts in your area, you can experience luxury in no time. Book Now, Pay Later with Klarna, and treat yourself to beauty and wellness services on StyleSeat.

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