You asked, and we listened! At StyleSeat, we’ve been attentively tuning in to the valuable feedback from our community about the features they desire for their businesses, and it’s been fueling our dedication to making them a reality.

Introducing the new and improved Premium Plan. It’s loaded with advanced features (with even more to come) to make running your business easy and help you earn more revenue. Discover the exciting additions to this plan where you’ll want to upgrade your Basic Plan or start with StyleSeat today.

New Features (And More To Come)

Product Sales

Selling products is a great way to increase your revenue while providing value to your clients. Now with StyleSeat, you can effortlessly boost your earnings by offering products during your client’s checkout. 

Add the products that you want to sell and track your product and sales in the same place you checkout your appointments.


Taking on new clients can be a challenge with the lack of information provided before the appointment. Forms is your solution to improve your consultation and meet client expectations. 

Our pre-built form includes questions about clients’ hair history, any concerns they want to address, and what they aspire to achieve when leaving your chair. No more scrambling at the last minute, just a smooth client experience.

Advanced Calendar Features

Now, you have greater control over your calendar using advanced calendar features, exclusively available to Premium Plan Pros.

Managing future booking windows can be tedious and time consuming. We made it easy for you with just one click. Control your future booking window by choosing any of the following:

  1. Clients can book anytime in the future.
  2. Control your calendar and choose your booking window by 3 months, 6 months or 1 year.
  3. With monthly availability releases, we’ll automatically open your availability at the end of each month and send email alerts to your clients.

Say goodbye to endless scrolling and hello to effortless scheduling! Now, you can quickly navigate your calendar when booking future appointments using our innovative “Jump ahead” feature. Select how many weeks or months in advance you would like to view and book effortlessly. 

Email Marketing

Need to share a salon update to your clients? Are you currently running a special that you need to promote? Email marketing is the tool for you and it allows you to send email blasts to all of your clients at once. No need to send individual text messages or group chats. Email Marketing is a feature that is now exclusive to the Premium Plan. 

Location Instructions

Provide detailed instructions for finding your business location to help your clients feel confident and well-prepared for their appointment. Add parking directions, specific entry points, etc. to improve your business location. 

More Flexibility, More Control

New Client Connection

While not a brand-new addition, the New Client Connection gains enhanced flexibility with the Premium Plan.

How does New Client Connection work? We invest heavily in marketing through TV, Google Ads, digital campaigns, social media to attract high-intent clients who are ready to book their beauty looks with a StyleSeat Pro. Our marketplace books 15 million appointments every year and 2 million new Clients booking appointments. All you have to do is create a beautiful StyleSeat profile with high-quality photos with tagged services, detailed service descriptions, and an unforgettable bio. On average, providers earn $400 per new Client booked through StyleSeat.

With the Premium Plan, you can have flexibility to turn on/off New Client Connection and accept new clients when you want to. Plus, you only pay a fee of 30% (max $50 of the first appointment with each new client we bring you through these marketing efforts.

Smart Pricing

You can get paid your worth, automatically. With Smart Pricing, our data science analyzes your schedule to identify your most popular booking times and strategically raises your prices to match their true value, helping you make at least $3,000 extra each year. How does it work? When your clients book online, they’ll see a slight price increase on your most popular time slots. 

You can use Smart Pricing your way with our Premium Plan by having the flexibility to turn the feature on and off when you feel empowered to use it.

Lower Fees

Did we mention lower fees? As a Premium Pro, you’ll enjoy a reduced 30% new client fee (max $50) and 2.75% payment processing fees

As a Premium Pro, you’ll have access to the latest advanced features, more flexibility and control of your business with features, and benefits including lower fees. Did you know that Pros on StyleSeat’s Premium Plan earn over 5x more than those on the Basic Plan? Get started with the Premium Plan today. 

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