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New Clients, Lasting Connections

Discover More, Book More, Make More.

Finding quality Clients can be challenging, expensive and time-consuming. With New Client Connection, you can effortlessly expand your reach and attract New Clients. Save your time and money by skipping expensive ads and channels that don't work. We'll take care of the marketing while you focus on building lasting connections.

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New Clients, More Bookings

Vast marketplace with 15 million appointments booked every year, 2 million New Clients booked.

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One time investment, more repeat clients

No monthly subscription needed. Only pay once for every new high quality Client after the appointment.

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Lasting relationships, more revenue

New Clients have a high rebooking rate. On average, providers earn $400 per new Client booked through StyleSeat. One time investment turns into a recurring revenue.

What is New Client Connection?

How It Works

Perfect StyleSeat profile

Create a beautiful profile

Make your profile shine by adding services, more photos and availability. This helps you appear higher in search rankings on the marketplace.

StyleSeat Marketing

Let us handle the marketing

We invest heavily in marketing through TV, Google Ads, digital campaigns, social media and more to ensure that high-intent Clients are ready to book you.

SMS from StyleSeat

Confidently Accept New Clients

Receive SMS and in-app notifications for every new Client. You decide whether to accept or decline. Pay only once for each new high-quality Client after their appointment, without any monthly subscriptions. We reinvest your fees to keep your calendar full with more appointments.

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Build lasting connections

Focus on delivering your best work while we encourage Clients to leave 5-star reviews, pre-book future appointments, and refer you to others. Use in-app messaging to provide an exceptional first-time experience.

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Increase your revenue effortlessly

Tap into a vast clientele network and watch your income grow as you turn new Clients into loyal, long-term connections.

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Focus on what matters

Say goodbye to the stress of marketing and let us deliver a consistent flow of high quality new Clients to your doorstep

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Turn new clients into lasting connections

Invest once and keep new Clients coming back with your talent. Pay only when the Client leaves your chair.

Lifelong Earnings. One-Time Fee.

We are the most affordable platform for consistently bringing new Clients to your business.

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Lifelong earnings

More New Clients, Happier Professionals

I love StyleSeat definitely use them for my Clients and to gain new ones

Cherie J.


Not only does StyleSeat manage my calendar and appointments, but it recommends me to NEW clients!

Paris W.

Makeup Artist

I switched over to StyleSeat and woke up to being fully booked this week. I love it here.




How does New Client Connection work?

New Client Connection is StyleSeat’s marketing initiative to promote your business by investing in TV ads, Google ads, digital and social media marketing, and more to connect you with quality clients and keep your calendar consistently booked. Let us handle the marketing so that you can focus on what matters the most- delivering exceptional service.

How much does New Client Connection cost?

We charge different fees based on the plan you’re on:

 $35/monthly Premium Plan includes:

  • 30% one-time new client fee. Maximum amount you would pay will be up to $50 per new client

  • Flexibility to turn ON or OFF at anytime

$0/monthly Basic Plan includes:

  • 30% one-time new client fee

  • This feature is always ON

This one-time fee is reinvested into more marketing efforts to continue to bring in New Clients. New Client Connection appointments must be checked out through StyleSeat.

How is StyleSeat’s New Client Connection better?

We help you get discovered in one of the biggest marketplaces.

  • With over 2 million new Client bookings, Clients love finding professionals on StyleSeat. On average, providers earn $400 per new Client booked through StyleSeat. One time investment turns into a recurring revenue.

You only pay when it works!

  • Unlike costly pay-per-click ad programs where there’s no guarantee a Client will book. Additionally, you only pay when a new Client pays you.

We only bring you high-intent Clients.

  • With a StyleSeat booking, you’re protected against no-shows and late cancellations.

Your new Client must put a credit or debit card

  • Card on file to reserve and will be sent automated reminders. This ensures that only Clients who are serious about booking with you are sent your way.

What if my Client doesn’t show up for the appointment?

If your Client was successfully charged a No-Show or Late-Cancel Fee, the Marketing Fee is deducted from the total charge. If you paid the fee upfront, there may need to be an adjustment made to the fee in the case of a late-cancel appointment. If you feel a mistake was made, contact StyleSeat Customer Service.

What if my Client or I need to cancel the appointment?

If you were charged a Marketing Fee upfront, the fee will be automatically refunded if the appointment is canceled outside of the 24-hour window. However, if you charge the No-Show or Late-Cancellation Fee to the Client then the marketing fee will still apply. If you feel a mistake was made, contact StyleSeat Customer Service.

How to avoid accidental New Client Connection charge?

To prevent accidental charges, follow these steps:

  • Import or add existing clients to your StyleSeat client list before they book an appointment

  • Use your StyleSeat profile link on your website and social media.

  • If a New Client is mistakenly tagged, you can request a correction by clicking on the appointment in your calendar, selecting the New Client tag, and clicking "request a correction."

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