When StyleSeat Clients search for a new StyleSeat Pro, they come across many profiles of talented professionals nearby. How do you make your profile stand out from the rest? You’ll want to ensure your profile has the information clients need to select a Pro confidently they want to book with. These five easy tips will help you make a lasting impression right from the start.

Add photos to show off your talents

Upload photos of your work to your StyleSeat profile. When taking photos, use natural lighting or a ring light to avoid dark and poor-quality images. You’ll also want to keep your salon space tidy in your photos and avoid a cluttered background so your finished look won’t be distracted by the environment.

But don’t just stop at the finished look – include photos of the transformation with before and after shots. And remember to snap from all angles – clients want to see every detail!

Now your profile is full of your service photos, let’s step it up a notch. Wow your clients before they step into the door by showing photos of your salon space, so they can know where their service will take place. 

Add service descriptions to your profile

New clients will spend plenty of time viewing your “Services” tab, so you’ll want to make sure it’s organized and easy to navigate. Add a description to each service. Be sure to include details about what is included in the service, so they can prepare for the appointment. Are you a braider, but braiding hair is not included in the service? Be sure to add that and give clients a heads up! Are you a barber and use aromatherapy towels during your service? Allure your clients in with this free add-on. 

Tag services to your photos

Keep your services organized and have your clients know exactly what they are booking by tagging services to your photos. This extra step makes your profile more discoverable and makes you appear higher in search.  Tagging services is a small step, but can make a big difference in how easily clients can find you. 

Ask clients to leave a review

Request your clients to leave a review after their appointment – it can make a big difference in attracting new clients. Clients are able to leave reviews for the services that they booked. They can even upload client selfies to the review and they are now photo ready since they left your chair! Noticed that clients are not leaving reviews? After each appointment, consider providing a gentle reminder in case they forget.

Create an unforgettable “About Me” section

Create your “About Me” section for your profile. Show off your personality and tell future clients why you’re the best in the industry. Did you recently take a class on perfecting balayage? Add it to your profile so clients know that you’re the best hair colorist in town. Don’t forget to flaunt your personality, and professionalism to stand out from the rest!

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