Between pricing your services, running promotions, and tracking your growth there’s a lot that goes into your salon finances. Knowing when to raise prices and how to bolster revenue requires complete visibility into your business. With revenue-boosting tools baked in, StyleSeat makes it easy to get paid what your time is worth — automatically.  

Boost Revenue with Smart Pricing

Raising your prices is a catalyst for growing your business. With Smart Pricing, our data science analyzes your schedule to identify your most popular booking times and strategically raises your prices to earn you the most revenue, without sacrificing bookings. Adjusting your prices allows clients who need your prime time slots to easily reserve a spot while maintaining your standard rate for your more flexible clients. Best of all, it all happens automatically so you can make more money and make clients happier — without lifting a finger.

Maximize Your Time with Premium Appointments 

Give your clients more options while earning more revenue with Premium Appointments. When a client wants to book a time that isn’t available on your calendar, they can request a Premium Appointment from your booking page at a 20% price increase. Whether you choose to accept or deny the request is always up to you.

Keep Your Schedule Full

Never miss out on an opening again with a client waitlist. Whether you’re out on vacation or adjusting your hours, clients can join your waitlist for up-to-the-minute notifications on your availability.  An appointment waitlist not only keeps your existing clients up to speed on new openings, but it also allows new clients to keep tabs on future availability. 

Plus, When you have a last-minute cancellation, we’ll reach out to clients and give them early access to new appointments. With last-minute opening notifications, we keep your regulars happy while ensuring you never miss out on money-making opportunities.

Get Paid for No-Shows

Get insurance for your cancellation policy with no-show protection. With StyleSeat payments, you can charge clients who back out last-minute or simply don’t show up. Plus, with secure online billing, you’re guaranteed payment.

Sell Products Online 

Promoting and selling products is a great way to add an additional line of income to your salon— especially when client bookings are down. Plus, more often than not, salons are the only way clients can get the products they know and love. But if your clients can’t make it to the salon, how can you keep this source of revenue and get them the products they trust? With an online product marketplace, you can list and sell your favorite products right on your Service Menu. 

Stay On Track with Revenue Reporting

Access total insight into your business growth with Revenue Reporting. With a robust reporting tool, you can view your past earnings by day, week, month, and year to see how your business is performing over time. Compare your total revenue, tips, fees, and historical data for complete insight into your revenue patterns. Complete visibility gives you the opportunity to quickly spot improvements and make positive salon changes that impact your bottom line.

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