Today, becoming a successful stylist is so much more than styling, you need to be an entrepreneur, marketing guru, and everything in between. Luckily, StyleSeat has your back. As your partner in marketing, we’re dedicated to driving your business so you can focus on what you love. From Facebook Ads to email campaigns, explore all of the ways StyleSeat works for you.

Built-in Marketing

Running personal ads on platforms like Facebook and Instagram can be daunting. Along with the cost of running a campaign, there’s no guarantee your investment will pay off. At StyleSeat, we have an entire team dedicated to running your marketing, so you don’t have to. We promote your profile across search engines, social media, and marketing campaigns to help you get exposure to long-lasting clients. 

Valuable Insight

Our research team has interviewed clients across the county to understand exactly what factors go into choosing a new professional (including the details they don’t disclose directly to their stylists). We’ve gathered data to help us determine what clients value most when it comes to choosing a new professional and continue to use this insight to help StyleSeat professionals win more clients. 

Social Media Ads

While it may come as no surprise, our research continues to pinpoint Instagram as a critical source for clients when it comes to finding a new professional. So, when targeting potential new clients, we go straight to the source with Instagram Ads. Thousands of new clients discover StyleSeat professionals from Instagram every month. We make sure your business gets exposure to quality clients on the hunt for new professionals. Plus, with an entire marketing team dedicated to optimization, we can determine and deploy the best marketing strategies on your behalf. Take a look at some of our top-performing social ads below:

Email Marketing Campaigns

In addition to social campaigns, StyleSeat leverages email to drive new business and drum up old business. In fact, we discovered that just because a client hasn’t booked with you in six months to a year, doesn’t mean they’re gone forever. Our research shows that many past clients are ready to book again, they simply need a little reminder That’s exactly why we’ve designed email campaigns to encourage dormant clients to book their next appointment. The email highlights your latest accomplishments including new reviews, new photos of your work, and the latest additions to your service menu in order to pique your client’s interest and motivate them to lock down their next appointment. Not only did this email boost customer loyalty, but this campaign also drove 10-20x more client bookings.

Investing in You

As your dedicated marketing team, we pride ourselves on working for your business around-the-clock, and, unlike our competitors, you only pay when our marketing efforts pay off. When we bring you a new client, we keep a percentage of the first appointment only and invest it back into marketing your business. We’re dedicated to using our insight, resources, and experience to test and run marketing campaigns on your behalf every month to earn you more money and more clients.

For more ways to get exposure to new customers, explore how to grow your client list with StyleSeat’s marketing program. 

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