At StyleSeat, we’re all about providing stylists with the tools they need to grow their business. We make it easy for reliable, high-paying customers to find and book professionals for long-lasting, beauty-bonded relationships. While other providers nickel and dime you, we focus on making you more money — faster. Explore the benefits of growing your business on StyleSeat over Vagaro. 

Enjoy Contact Free Payments

Ditch the swiper, with StyleSeat you can charge clients through your phone and get paid instantly. While Vagaro requires expensive and unnecessary hardware, StyleSeat clients can seamlessly pay, tip, and rebook all from the app. With contactless payments, there’s no need for clients to even pull out their wallets. Plus, clients tip an average 40% more when they pay through StyleSeat. 

Keep Your Schedule Full

Never miss out on an opening again. When you have a last-minute cancellation, we’ll reach out to clients and give them early access to new appointments. With last-minute opening notifications, we keep your regulars happy while ensuring you never miss out on a revenue opportunity. 

Get Paid for No-Shows

Easily enforce your cancellation policy with no-show protection. With StyleSeat payments, you can charge clients who back out last-minute or simply don’t show up. Plus, online billing is more secure than swiping a credit card — guaranteeing your payment.

Earn More with Smart Pricing

Maximize your revenue and your schedule with Smart Pricing. We use data science to analyze your business and identify your most popular time slots. Smart Pricing strategically raises the price on your high-demand booking times to match what clients are willing to pay and earn you the most revenue. 

Get Exposure to Millions of Clients 

Build your business and your client list with StyleSeat’s marketing program. We run ads and promote your profile across search engines, social media, and email campaigns to get you discovered. With on-the-ground marketing, we connect you with clients who are custom fit for your business — you only pay when you get booked. 

Connect Your Instagram

Polish your StyleSeat profile with Instagram power tools. Get the Instagram book button and automatically sync your Instagram photos to your StyleSeat photo gallery. 

Make More with Premium Appointments

Give your clients more options while earning more revenue with Premium Appointments. When a client wants to book a time that isn’t available on your calendar, they can request a Premium Appointment from your booking page at a 20% price increase. You’ll be notified of the request and you can choose whether to accept or decline.

No Hidden Fees

With StyleSeat, our pricing is simple. Unlike Vagaro’s hidden fees and expensive add-ons, we include all of the tools you need to grow your business at one transparent price. 

Avoid Vagaro’s hidden fees and binding contracts. Enjoy one simple subscription with powerful marketing and revenue-maximizing tools built-in. Access the tools you need to grow your business, discover new clients, and keep your regulars coming back for $35 a month. Best of all, you can try us risk-free for 30 days — no strings attached.

Instantly Deposit to Your Bank

With StyleSeat payments, you can deposit your earnings to your bank immediately after charging your client. Instantly deposit your StyleSeat balance to your account with a low 2.75% processing fee. Plus, StyleSeat doesn’t increase the transaction fee when you manually enter the client’s card during checkout.

Stay Organized

Analyze your business growth with your revenue dashboard. Charging through StyleSeat helps you keep all of your transaction records neatly in one place. With revenue reports, you can view your past earnings by day, week, month, and year to see how your business is performing over time. Compare your total revenue, tips, fees, and historical data for complete insight into your revenue patterns.

At StyleSeat, we don’t just help you run your business, we grow it. Try us risk-free for 30 days — no strings attached. Start Your Free Trial

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