Showcase your latest work automatically with Instagram Auto Sync. Instead of importing your IG photos one by one, Auto Sync updates your StyleSeat gallery every time you post. We know pros invest a lot of time displaying their best work on Instagram, now you can easily keep your StyleSeat profile updated without the busy work.

Photos are one of the most important factors for new clients when it comes to booking a new professional. Having a fresh and professional gallery with updated photos is one of the best ways to attract new clients on StyleSeat. Learn how to turn your photo gallery on autopilot with Instagram Auto Sync.

How it Works

Edit your StyleSeat profile and click Add Photos. From here you can select Sync Instagram Photos.

Sync From Instagram

Enter your Instagram login credentials and hit authorize. Once your account is synced we’ll pull the last 50 photos from the past 12 months.

Have a few dog shots on your feed? Don’t sweat it, you can delete any irrelevant photos from your StyleSeat gallery at the touch of a button. Plus, using our photo editor, you can edit your shots and tag the specific service, style, or technique in each photo.

Sync Instagram

You can un-sync your Instagram at any time by toggling Instagram Sync off under Manage Photos.

Pin Your Favorites

Want to keep your best photos at the top? Pin your top 3 shots at the start of your gallery so your favorite photos are always the first 3 photos clients see.

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