Attracting new clients is expensive, but encouraging existing clients to upgrade is free. Most people find upselling awkward or invasive to the client, but at the end of the day you’re the expert — you know exactly what your clients need for them to look and feel amazing. They may not want everything you offer, but as long as your suggestions are sincere, you’re providing them value.

Ways to Upsell

While there are many opportunities to upsell in the salon, here are a few of the most common situations you can take advantage of:

Upon Arrival

  • When your client first arrives, if you have an opening for an additional service, let them know.  You can say, “Good news, some extra time just opened up in my schedule and I have time for an extra hair treatment or style if you’re interested.”

In the Chair

  • When they are in your chair, this is your opportunity to sell them products or tools.
  • Give them advice on how to best take care of their hair once they go home. Share the styling products you used and let them know they’re available to purchase.
  • Remember, you are the professional, your clients want your recommendations and advice.

During Checkout

  • Ask them to book their next appointment. Let them know of any vacations you might be going on that would encourage them to book now rather than later.
  • Always ask for their email address to let them know about special promotions you will be running later and update your client records.
  • This is your final opportunity to suggest an add-on. If they expressed interest in any additional services during their visit, you can suggest adding it to their next appointment.
  • Plus you can use StyleSeat’s recurring appointment section to book several appointments in advance throughout the year.

Suggestions for Questions

Don’t ask yes or no questions, make them open-ended questions that provide you with more information before you suggest an upgrade.


  • “Would you like to do a hair repair treatment today?”
  • It is likely your client will answer: “No.”
  • They may not know what a hair repair treatment is or why they would want it.


  • “How often do you use hot tools on your hair?”
  • “Have you noticed any dryness/ damage?”
  • “When is the last time you got a trim?”


  • Based on their answers and your observations, you can make a suggestion they might actually want.
  • Asking them questions helps them see the value of an upgrade.
  • Asking questions will help you determine reasons to upsell that are not clear just by looking at your client.

Try questions like: “Do you have plans after this appointment?”

  • If they don’t have plans, that means you have time to sell them on a longer service. If they say they are going on a date afterward, they may be interested in a quick brow clean up.

Your strategy will vary depending on what type of services you provide. Try experimenting with timing and try different questions. See which strategies are most effective and watch your monthly revenue increase!

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