Your client notes are marketing gold. Gathering information like an email address, birthday, or even formula notes, can greatly improve client loyalty, encourage re-bookings and increase average spend per salon visit.

Asking clients for their information is an essential skill that will become easier over time. The key is, you need to start now.


  • Keeping your notes organized and easily accessible will ensure you remember the specific needs and even allergies of each client. StyleSeat’s “Client Notes” section allows you to organize client notes so you can quickly refer to them when your client is in the chair.
  • Collecting birthdays can help strengthen your client relationships. Send your clients special offers on or around their birthday – who doesn’t love a little incentive to treat themselves?
  • Finally, take notes on your conversations. Does your client have a vacation coming up? Are they getting married soon? You probably see a lot of clients each week and it can be difficult to remember every conversation. Let your clients know you are listening by bringing up topics from your last conversation. Valued clients are loyal clients.


  • Email is the most efficient and effective way to communicate with your clients. You can send updates, special offers, and encourage bookings.
  • 90% of clients use email everyday.
  • Social media posts get lost in a sea of content. Emails go directly to their personal inbox.
  • Business management apps, like StyleSeat, track your client’s behavior during each email marketing campaign. You can see how many people open each email, how many click the link to your profile page, and how many book an appointment. This information helps you make adjustments to see which campaigns are most effective. You can test subject lines, the promotions you offer, and the day and time you send the email.

BUSINESS TIP: If you use StyleSeat, clients must provide an email address as part of the booking process. This takes care of half the work!

Here are a few tips to help you convince clients to provide their email address.


  • An email address is a gift – you will need to earn it. Show new clients what you have to offer. Give them an amazing service. Let them know they’ve made the right choice by coming to your salon. Once they like and trust you, asking for their information will be much easier.
  • Timing is important. Don’t wait until it’s time for them to check out before you ask for their email. Many clients will be in a rush and it will be easy for them to dodge your request. Toward the end of the service, once you can see they are happy with the results, ask for their info before the final touches.


  • Explain to your clients why they should want to give you their email address. How will they benefit? Let them know you will be offering discounts, running competitions, making announcements, and sharing last minute availability all through email and they won’t want to miss out.


  • Instead of asking them to hand write their info on a form, use an app like StyleSeat to keep your notes organized and easy to read. Click on the “Plus Button,” select “Client,” and hand your phone to your client. The less you ask for, the more likely they will be to fill it in.

Looking for the right tools to help you capture client info? Sign up for a free trial of StyleSeat here.

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