Whether it’s birthdays or coffee preferences, using client notes to remember personal & relevant information about your clients shows them you’re listening. This type of relationship building is great for client retention, but there are more client notes you can take that will help strengthen your business and even increase your monthly income.

3 Clients Notes That Can Help Your Business

Less time wasted

Next time you jot down when your client’s wedding anniversary is, add a client note about their reliability as well. Were they an hour late today? That’s not a big deal for a long-time client, but what if they are an hour late for most of their appointments? Start to keep a client record and see if you have any clients who are constantly wasting your time.

Clients who are never satisfied, clients who miss appointments, and clients who are rude and stressful are all time wasters. You may think you’re overreacting at first but once you look back at your client notes, you’ll see which clients are constantly slowing your appointments and business down and it may be time to part ways.

Increase average spend per visit

The key to getting clients to spend more money in the salon is giving them genuine, insightful, and personal recommendations. The best way to do that is to listen to their concerns and beauty goals.

Even if your particular clients aren’t ready to try something new during that visit, if they express interest in a product or a new service, take a client note. Next time they are in your chair, bring up your previous conversation to increase average spend & get your client’s information on what they are interested in. For example,

“So, last time you were here, you were thinking about cleaning up your brows. I have some extra time if you want to get them done while you’re here.”

If you look at your client notes and notice many of your clients have expressed interests in previous appointments about certain products but haven’t made a purchase yet, consider running a special that allows them to get the product at a discounted price as an add-on to a regular service. This will encourage more people to book a service and it will give them a taste of the product they’ve been meaning to try.

Improve marketing strategies

Every special you run in your salon should have a specific purpose. Say you want to turn more “haircut” clients into “cut and color” clients, so you run a special that is $25 off a color service if you book it with a haircut. Take notes on the clients who book this special.

How did they hear about it? Why did they book it? And most importantly, does the special work? Two months from now, has that same salon client come back for a second cut and color appointment? These appointment notes will help you improve your marketing strategy and keep you from wasting budget on the specials that don’t work as well.

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